Friday, 20 February 2015

Finished mortars and the new base scheme

I have finished painting more models! A squad of 3 mortar teams have finally been finished after being on the to do list for more than a couple of years.

Just a pretty straightforward paint job on these, not any real converting to speak of. They all wear the standard red and khaki uniforms. Not really sure what else there is to say about them!

 photo image16_zps588856da.jpg

Here is an example of the new base scheme. I played around with a few extra colours and painted the added stone grey to increase the interest on the base. The base you are looking at is from one of the thudd guns, they all have extra bits on their bases from the GW basing kit. There is a bit of work to do across the army to make them all consistent but I'll get there eventually!

 photo image36_zps3937a886.jpg

A couple of extra photos for you here. I've been taking an inventory of all the infantry I have and have been properly organising them into squads. I've finally converted a second command section and have used the Tempestus Scions banner for the standard, the lions on it make it extra Praetorian in my opinion!

 photo image46_zps22d802bc.jpg

Here we have the current squad organisation (there are probably still another 20 which either need to be paint stripped or undercoated). 8 full squads and two command sections. I'd love to get all of these finished in the coming months, I've always felt my guard army is far too light in the footslogger department!

In the next post we will finally have the last of the Praetorian Chosen men finished! You won't have long to wait as the post is already written and the photos taken. Keep your eyes peeled Monday evening!


  1. Lovely bit of work there mate.

    I like the look of that base as well - for something that really is quite a pedestrian part of the mini, one done right really improves the overall look of the whole mini no end.

    Slug away at the footsloggers - its all well and good to run around in tanks, but history has shown its boots on the ground (to borrow a term) that win wars.

  2. The mortars look great. I always love finishing a unit that has been sitting around for ages. Its almost like a relief to get them battle ready.

    Cant wait to see all that infantry ready. The new command section looks great, also good choice of flag.