Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Heroes of the Praetorian IV Mechanised Infantry - Gallery photos part 2

Welcome to part to of our review of the regiments heroes. So without further ado, lets get back to it!

 photo DSC_1439_zps425dab24.jpg

First up we my take on Victoria Lamb's fantastic Captain Caine miniature. Its a simple hand swap for the Imperial regulation weapons and the addition of epaulettes in line with the strict Praetorian dress uniform regulations.

The model was an absolute joy to paint as Victoria Lamb sculpts have such fantastic definition, particularly in the face. I think the ease of painting eyes is always a good barometer of a sculpt.

In battle he has sometimes taken the place of a company commander. No doubt in the future I will have to properly convert him a suitable retinue. I'm loathe just to give him the normal old GW Praetorians as he looks a giant of a man against them!

 photo DSC_1438_zps35571ce7.jpg

Not really a hero, but he is on his own so he is at least a maverick! Sadly he is still the only Tallarn I have managed to paint, but when I get around to it there will be a company of these light infantrymen supporting the Praetorians. I love the old guard sculpts, the Tallarns are still brilliant today.

 photo DSC_1434_zps9f9ac628.jpg

Now we have Primaris Psyker Raeven Oscuris. While not a native of Praetoria, he has served with the Praetorian IV for quite many years and due to his ranks, status and prodigious psychic talent is afforded special dispensation with regards to uniform regulations.

One of the few models in the army without any red on his uniform. Given his unique position I used purple and the dark marble to help him stand out further, while still keeping him in line with the colour of his uniform and the white belt, gloves and pouches.

 photo DSC_1401_zpscfe8e071.jpg

As the ranking member of the Praetorian Commissariat, Lord Commissar Adolfus Stern is charged with ensuring the safeguarding and spiritual fortitude of the men.

Being a commissar I had to paint him black but I decided that he still needed something to tie him to the army. I did this by a relatively simple headswap, conversion and a few key colours being used. The head is the only maxmini pith helmet head used in the army and has the commissars usual hat badge grafted on to it.

I sculpted the epaulettes, detail on the sword and converted the bolt pistol into a plasma pistol. There red and white used in painting are the key colours helping to tie him to the army, while the purple cloak, as with the psyker, help mark him out as special.

 photo DSC_1395_zps0f10f6a7.jpg

Our final hero is Kyran Arkadius the ranking Techpriest Enginseer. Given the large number of vehicles in every deployment it is a position of great responsibility within the regiment and he is rightly afforded the respect of all Praetorian personnel.

I went to town painting this guy red and used my standard colour on the robes. Additionally you will see the purple used on the grips of his axe and tools once again marking him out in the army. It's another of my favourite Imperial Guard models and I really must get him retinue of some kind whether it be servitors or guardsmen/thralls of some type!

Thanks again for having a look. I hope you are enjoying the recent glut of posts. Long may it continue!

In my next post I hope to show you so more new photos of some of heavy armour of the regiment.


  1. All the colour tie-ins really help this group show themselves as nothing but from the same Regiment. Hurry up with those Tallarns mind - one would think they'd at least have a squad represented in your otherwise rather desert-theme'd army? :P

    1. Haha! There is a platoon waiting for me to pull my finger out! The next few weeks will be a hive of activity I promise!

  2. Just astonishing!

    Interestingly, my favourite paint job is far and away the Tallarn chappie: you nailed it!

    1. I am so tempted to get cracking with the tallarn platoon... Watch this space!

  3. My favourite models from my favourite blog army! Your Caine is marvellous.

    1. High praise indeed! Thanks very much. I'll do my best to keep the painting and blogging on an upward trajectory!

  4. The detail on these guys is phenomenal. Just wow. Very impressive and inspirational. The face on the tallarn is fantastic! And Adolfus Stern...really great work.

  5. Excellent stuff. I love Adolfus. And won't worry about Caine being bigger; some people are huge, y'know.