Friday, 27 February 2015

Infantry of the Praetorian IV - Gallery photos part 5

Welcome to another gallery post!

The following photos were taken about and a bit ago. Consequently some of what you will see has been updated and changed! Tanks have been updated with stowage and additional weathering and infantry have had their bases updated where needed. Anyway, I took these photos so I'm posting them!

 photo DSC_1433_zps59531915.jpg

This squad was the first 'new' squad I painted when I returned to the hobby at the dawn of this blog. Notice the minor conversion on the autocannon where I have used the plastic autocannon from the Cadian kits.

 photo DSC_1432_zps449e657a.jpg

Here we have a few more guardsment from the 1st platoon. The number is more than pictured now as I have fully updated and rebased 4 squads of 10 with sergeants as needed. Another 40+ are on the way.

 photo DSC_1423_zpsdc8346db.jpg

Here we have the first 3 chimeras. As mentioned in previous posts the main painting was done over 10 years ago at the advent of the army. They were updated a couple years back to look like this. They have now been updated once more! Look out for a post of them in the future, they look brilliant and have had all the viewing lenses, targetting reticules, eagles and much more painted and with a healthy addition of sponge weathering.

 photo DSC_1430_zps5eb1ec72.jpg

Here is the platoons first Taurox. Another will follow so the whole platoon of 45 is fully mounted. I think for the next Taurox I'll go for the autcannons mounted on the turret for variety.

 photo DSC_1426_zps6da84bbb.jpg

Here we have the command squad for the first platoon. The melta gun and Lieutenant were painted a couple of years back but the other 3 date back far longer (though may have been updated a little). In two minds about these fellas and think they need a bit more work to bring them up to code.

 photo DSC_1414_zps0ecfd8fe.jpg

This is the chimera for the Lifeguards. It still needs to be updated from this but as it was painted in the last 3/4 years it is still very decent. I'm planning on removing one of the heavy flamers and replacing it with a heavy bolter. No point having two as you can't fire both unless you don't move!

 photo DSC_1412_zpsc7cde7c7.jpg

The anti tank squad. There will be three more lascannons painted up eventually (using the original models). These guys have had the based updated now too as they were previously the wrong shade.

 photo DSC_1407_zpse27d2232.jpg

The Praetorian Lifeguards! I really like these guys. The second 5 are finally converted and undercoated so it's a simple matter of me getting them painted. Can't wait to see the full 10 finally painted.

 photo DSC_1389_zpsc9eef12e.jpg

Finally to round of this post we have the highland veterans. One of the first new units I worked on for the army a few years back. Having Highland Praetorians was one of the inspiration for me getting back into the hobby. Very much looking forward to painting the new Highland Scions.

Hope you enjoyed the post! I'll be rounding off the gallery posts soon and will have a few new things to show too.

I'm off to Texas for the whole of March (do I have any followers down that way?) with work so sadly there will be no time for hobby in that period. However I'm scheduling a few posts for while I'm away to ensure that I keep up with my blogging resolutions!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Texas ? Sounds like a long way...

    Love the life guards. Love the highlanders, love the infantry and their Chimerae.

  2. Beautifully done - I love this army! Have a safe trip to Texas!

  3. I said it in an earlier post, and I'll say it again here- that colour scheme is spot on - I love it.

    I sat there looking at the Lifeguard trying to figure out what they were based on, then it hit me they are the DKoK Grenadiers - inspired choice. I have a squad lurking somewhere that I need to address at some point. This is the second post this week I've seen where they have been used as the basis of a conversion - very cool.

    The Lieutenant model really has held up well - most of the range has having said that. Its a shame GW doesn't devote resources to the non Cadian/Catachan stuff - there is real character in the other regiments.

    1. I reckon a DKoK Praetorian converted army would look amazing. You'd be bankrupt and mad from all the converting. But would have one beautiful army.

      I agree on the Lieutenant, of all the range it definitely is the best model in my opinion.

  4. Love the update. Those life guards really came out good, but what I like the most is that the minis look like they were all painted at roughly the same time. The colors all blend together and so do the details. Very well done.

    1. Haha, they were mostly painted years apart! I've tried my best to keep it all consistent and I'm well practiced now at doing so. Be sure to check out my next post where I'm going to talk a lot about consistency in the army.

  5. Brilliant stuff. Going the extra mile and moving away from the standard cadians or catachans is really effective. Wish I had thought of doing something like that now!

  6. Good luck in Texas. Funny, I was supposed to fly down to see my sister in Houston for her birthday on the 13th. Sadly didn't pan out though.

    Beautiful models sir. Easily my fav Praetorians out there.

  7. Cheers for the feedback everyone. Pleased you like the army!

    Haha, dai haha what would have been the chances eh?