Monday, 23 February 2015

Finished Praetorian Chosen Men

Finally about a year and a half after finishing the first three, the final two Praetorian chosen men are finished! Huzzah! Here are some quick ad hoc photos. Enjoy!

The two in the back row are the ones I have just finished. They had been sat 80% for a long long time. They were all supposed to be painted for an Armageddon campaign weekend July 2013 if memory serves. Sadly the night before I was furiously painting and had to prioritize time and so could only finish 3. Luckily the minimum squad size for Ratlings is 3 so they still got some use (I used them as count as Ratlings).

I trawled the old photos and have added on a couple from that campaign weekend after showing the new guys off below. 

 photo image27_zps5092a6f3.jpg

I've manged to get the first of the new guys in focus. Painted the same as the ones over a year ago. The bits I had to finish were the skin, gun, grenades and a few other little details. They look perfect with the other guys so I'm very pleased.

 photo image37_zps4b7d3fa1.jpg

Once again the new guy is in the back . Fits perfectly. Painting the faces on these guys was a pleasure, Victoria Lamb sculpts have some of the best faces in the business in my opinion!

 photo image47_zps2dc6d756.jpg

We don't see enough backs of models, so here we go. You can see the cross belts they all wear fron the Victoria Lamb torsos. You can also see all the GW accessories from the guard kits that I added to keep them in line with the rest of the army. Additionally, note the legs are the standard imperial guard ones to tie them in further. I was always keen they should be Praetorian Imperial Guard, not just steam punk sci fi troops.

As mentioned earlier, here are couple of photos from Armageddon where they were positioned on the roof of a Chimera factory the IV were ordered to defend against a Bad Moon horde.

 photo orkssir_zps8726bc9e.jpg

Get your binoculars out, the chosen men are in the middle most tower.

 photo IMG_5337_zps2c146475.jpg

I also dug up a WIP photo of the models. Amazing what a lick of paint can do.

 photo IMG_5186_zpsfa81e9e5.jpg

Thanks for having a look!


  1. Fan flippin tastic mate! Love how much character you've given them with all the bits and pieces added. And yes, those faces are amazing. Bravo!

  2. Quite mharvel ooose.

    Is the pipe smoker Vicky Lamb as well ?

  3. Bravo sir! lovely models, so very full of character.

  4. Cheers you three! All the bits that aren't plastic guard are VL. Character by the bucket was the look I went for

  5. Beautifully done, man! Really dig how those turned out!

  6. Fantastic stuff mate. The paint is top notch and is a brilliant colour palette you have. The pipe smoking chappy is a real standout. Loads of character.

    The back shot made me laugh. You're right that you don't see enough backsides across the blog verse. I will be sure to keep that in mind with future photography efforts.

  7. It's a cigar! And you can tell he's a total badass because he's also had a shave. I think these might be my favourite

  8. Oh, just beautiful - that green really pops well!

  9. Man, I have always loved your army, and those guys look great! Very well done.