Saturday, 27 July 2013

Tallarn new recruits and Praetorian Chosen Men

Before I post the next load of my Wars of Armageddon photos I thought I'd give you a few photos of the new Praetorian Chosen Men that you might have seen defending the Chimera Factory, and also the test model of a platoon of Tallarn Desert raiders that will be joining the Praetorians in the future.

 photo IMG_5441_zpsa84ab6c3.jpg

So far only three finished Chosen Men. I wanted to get all 5 done for Armageddon but sadly 3 was all I could manage. Luckily for me 3 was the minimum unit size for Ratlings (count as) so no problem with fielding them at least.

The legs are plastic IG, there are various items on the belt which are IG and the torso, arms, epaulettes, guns and heads are Victoria Lamb. The greenstuff addition of the Rifleman plumes on the front are my own work.

 photo IMG_5432_zpsea64a5c0.jpg

Here we have the leader lighting up a cigar.

 photo IMG_5433_zps7a121156.jpg

 photo IMG_5434_zpse3eecee0.jpg

 photo IMG_5435_zps187d9e83.jpg

For these guys I kept the same main colours with the white belts etc and the khaki uniforms, but as denotes their special status I ventured into green for them, as colour which hasn't really featured in my army up till now with red being the preferred colour.

 photo IMG_5436_zps4f996b0f.jpg

 photo IMG_5439_zpsf25bf614.jpg

You can see from the photos the the Victoria Lamb epaulettes are absolutely brilliant, successfully saving me a lot of hours trying to do my own, and in particular they ensure they are a uniform size and shape.

 photo IMG_5440_zps446b5163.jpg

 photo IMG_5443_zpscf245242.jpg

Here is latest edition! The test Tallarn model Using the same colour for the tunic, I've used the white for the head scarf, a new gray for the trousers and then brown for the wrappings, belts and pouches etc (not least because the white is a pain to paint so much of!).

 photo IMG_5446_zps5935a314.jpg

 photo IMG_5445_zpsa6d42d78.jpg

The Tallarn range have some fantastic faces which are great fun to paint.

 photo IMG_5429_zpsd8951d44.jpg

With the armoured shoulder guards I can include squad markings. This guys here is from Squad B or possibly company B.

 photo IMG_5428_zpse4cadb2d.jpg

 photo IMG_5448_zps928bc2f7.jpg

Another of this characterful guy and then the the squad with the Tallarn for scale and comparison. I reckon a platoon of the Tallarns will look great lined up with my Praetorians. I'll have to get a lot more chimeras I reckon, can't have all these poor buggers walking to battle.

 photo IMG_5442_zpsf6fe3bf6.jpg

In the next post you will once more get to see the Chosen Men in action facing down a truly immense ork horde...


  1. Beautiful paint job. I love what you have done with these minis. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Absolutely LOVE the chosen men (who wouldn't?!) and I particularly like the intricate old-skool shoulder pad markings on the Boogie-Woogie Tallarn Boy from Coy B. Very neat!

  3. Tallarns are my fav of the IG specialist units. Good stuff, will make for some very nice alts to your pith-helmed troopers.

  4. Very nice stuff. I am also a fan of Victoria Miniatures' figures, honestly I vastly prefer them to the GW bunch, with a few exceptions.

    The Tallarn is a great figure, too. Good job on the paint; nice shading work and good clean lines.

  5. These are looking great - I am really taken with the tan fatigues - have you posted a recipe in a previous post by any chance?

    The Vic Minis stuff seems to blend in well with the GW range, and the old school Tallarns are still worth a look in aesthetically.

  6. Cheers for the comments! I'm pleased you like them, I think the chosen men might be my new favourites.

    I think I might have posted about my fatigues some time ago, I'll tell you what though, I'll see if I can do a new post with a step by step on the tallarns!

    1. Cheers Col. I always enjoy seeing others approaches to their schemes and looking for new/better ways to do things.

      Your chap with the cigar looks brilliant - the look of the trenchcoat is very striking and something I fancy trying my hand at replicating.

  7. Stunning work as always Colonel! I love that Victoria Lamb accessory set with the guy lighting the cigar in it, I can't possibly imagine i'll ever do it justice like you have though, great little mini!

    That Tallarn guy looks ace and they're going to blend in a treat, I love all the old style Imperial Guard miniatures from that GW era, I'm sure people would tell me I'm wrong but even much prefer the old metal Cadians to the new plastics!

  8. The Chosen Men are simply spectacular, and the Tallarn model is fantastic. Truly excellent work, man!

  9. I'd really appreciate a guide on the tallarn guy, hes just the kinda scheme i wanna try out!