Saturday, 20 July 2013

Wars of Armageddon Part 1

Hello everyone!

Apologies for the utter lack of posting in recent months. Real life as it so often does, has derailed hobby attempts at every turn! Nonetheless I hope this post will go some way to putting me back in your blogging good books, with a post that is crammed full of photos from the recent Wars of Armageddon campaign weekend run by The Good The Bad The Bromley and hosted at Table Top Nations. 

The weekend was set against the backdrop of the 2nd and 3rd Wars of Armageddon and combined a brilliant narrative with great armies, special units, themed battlegrounds, and a whole lot more. Check out the photos below to see the IV Praetorian Mechanised led by Captain Caine do battle with the perfidious ork foe! 

Lets start off by looking at few of the armies featuring over the weekend.

 photo IMG_5335_zpseb59fb74.jpg

 photo IMG_5334_zps2cacac60.jpg

 photo IMG_5333_zps65fa9cc5.jpg

 photo IMG_5332_zpse57512ee.jpg

 photo IMG_5331_zps5ca8f021.jpg

 photo IMG_5330_zpseced48d1.jpg

 photo IMG_5329_zpsf3c17d6e.jpg

 photo IMG_5328_zpsff96e405.jpg

 photo IMG_5326_zpsbeb5563d.jpg

 photo IMG_5325_zps5edebe43.jpg

 photo IMG_5324_zps2838ad0a.jpg

 photo IMG_5323_zps649b4dca.jpg

 photo IMG_5322_zps12e1442b.jpg

 photo IMG_5321_zpsfc18b7ff.jpg

 photo IMG_5320_zpscb4b3f68.jpg

In the next post I'll show you some photos of the battles.

Here are a few photos to help set the scene...

Orks Sir! Battle wagons 200 yards!

 photo IMG_0152_zps42a4581b.jpg

Target Identified, Fire!

 photo IMG_0158_zps06cc87fe.jpg

Till next time..


  1. Those are some beautiful boards. Very nice lot of images, thanks for sharing.

  2. Splendid armies, beautiful boards and amazing photos. Thanks Winterborne.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Love the pics and especially those from the PoV of your troopers themselves. Looking forward to the next post!