Thursday, 25 July 2013

Vidar's Fate campaign weekend report part 3

It occurs to me that I've been very reticent with my posts from various campaign weekends, so much so that I forgot to post the 3rd part of Vidar's Fate at Warhammer World!

Apologies. Please enjoy the photos!

Game 4 vs Necrons

 photo IMG_4887_zps13bc123b.jpg

 photo IMG_4889_zps4a7ddf12.jpg

 photo IMG_4891_zpse536bfe9.jpg

 photo IMG_4893_zpsb64752e5.jpg

 photo IMG_4894_zps1e30051e.jpg

 photo IMG_4895_zpsf34aa8b7.jpg

 photo IMG_4896_zps16f5ac4e.jpg

 photo IMG_4897_zpsf15cfb02.jpg

 photo IMG_4898_zpsfee91f69.jpg

 photo IMG_4900_zps0f18c99f.jpg

 photo IMG_4902_zpse1c56def.jpg

 photo IMG_4903_zps86e54bda.jpg

 photo IMG_4904_zpsf673b3d1.jpg

 photo IMG_4905_zps384b368d.jpg

 photo IMG_4906_zps0d78a66c.jpg

Game 5 doubles 2.5k apocalypse with Gravis vs Eldar & Tau

 photo IMG_4933_zps9a398b0d.jpg

 photo IMG_4935_zps50d615ab.jpg

 photo IMG_4936_zps61ab7109.jpg

 photo IMG_4937_zps8f32d372.jpg

 photo IMG_4938_zps43c923c0.jpg

 photo IMG_4939_zps86a8f2a9.jpg

 photo IMG_4940_zps5d96da94.jpg

 photo IMG_4941_zpsf43c3b76.jpg

 photo IMG_4942_zpsca12ed1e.jpg

 photo IMG_4943_zps624f2bf7.jpg

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  1. Those are some great pics! Thanks for sharing 'em - I absolutely love your army and it always looks fantastic in action!