Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wars of Armageddon Part 2 - The battle for the chimera factory

Welcome to part 2 of my posts about the wars for Armageddon campaign weekend.

This post has photos from a special mission that was fought over the weekend, the defence of the Chimera Factory. Here's the scenario...

2000pts ‐ Imperial Guard VS Orks
Secure the Chimera factory ‐ At the end of each player turn, whatever team is in control of the
facility and providing it is not contested, may control  the 2
Chimeras that guard the factory (See Codex: IG), these act as normal however units may NOT
embark onto them, nor can you target them whilst they are in your control. In addition, at the end
of every game turn, roll a D6, on a 6 another Chimera is created ‐ which may be used the same way
as previously described.
The winner is the player who owns the Facility at the end of the game.
 Imperial Guard Victory: Unit type: Fast, Tank ‐ Chimeras.
 Ork Victory: Trukk Front Armour increased to 12

 photo IMG_5337_zps2c146475.jpg

The battle lines are drawn and the Imperial Guard start in possession of the chimera factory. For this battle my Guard had some space marine allies in the form of Black Dragon Assault Marines, a Terminator captain, a vindicator and two squads of 5 scouts.

 photo IMG_5338_zps19971e08.jpg

The ork horde is lined up ready for the dash across no mans land. Given the size of the board, the orks go first and also get a free move before the start of the game.

 photo IMG_5340_zps2f92462e.jpg

The Salamander and the empty Command Section Chimera occupy the main access point ready to act as speed bumps for the ork advance.

 photo IMG_5343_zpsf87405c5.jpg

The Praetorian chosen men keep watch from the roof of the Chimera factory. Spying the clouds of dust and smoke caused by the Bad Moon trucks the alarm is raised and the guardsmen ready themselves below.

 photo IMG_5344_zpsc8d590d3.jpg

The majority of the ork forces push for the gate, the first truck to approach the gateway is swiftly destroyed, disgorging a unit of mega armoured nobz. Their armour proves no match for the weight of the Imperial firepower and they are gunned down in short order.

 photo IMG_5345_zps92ce2bb4.jpg

The nature of the bottle neck means it is difficult for the orks to arrive en masse and enables the Imperial to focus on one or two units a turn.

 photo IMG_5346_zpse0b50bdd.jpg

Ork air support arrives to late to trouble the imperial lines greatly.

 photo IMG_5347_zpsae10d754.jpg

The orks that did reach the gate were swiftly leapt upon by the Black Dragon space marines who tore the survives to pieces.

 photo IMG_5349_zps73b5494e.jpg

The Tank Commander marshalls the firepower of the King Russ (Macharius) while the guardsmen at the while unleash volley after volley at the onrushing orks.

 photo IMG_5350_zps53f0903f.jpg

The Chosen men pick of the few remaining survivors.

 photo IMG_5351_zps3dbf5a9f.jpg

A few killer kanz and some boyz remain and the Imperial lines hold firm. Emphatic Victory to the Imperium!

Up next a 2k doubles game with Tycho's company of Blood Angels against Nazdreg's Bad moonz...


  1. Awesome pics, and it looks like it was a heck of a fun game. Love the looted ork buggy made from a VW bug, that's hysterical! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow - Orks had it hard right from the start if the ramp is the only access point.

    Still, lovely board with lovely minis. Looks super fun.

  3. That looks astounding - exactly what a 40K game should be, in fact...!