Saturday, 1 September 2012

WIP Praetorian tank crew and heavy weapons

Happy weekend everyone.

It's been quite some time since my last post, what with other things inconsiderately getting in the way of my hobby time it's not been a very productive month! Nonetheless rest assured things are on the horizon and with any luck I will soon be churning out more Praetorian goodness!

First things first, the battle report. As you may remember if you read my previous posts my guardsmen took part in an epic apocalypse battle against the forces earlier this month. The report is still WIP and will certainly be worth the wait, it is certainly the most comprehensive battle rep in terms of photos, back ground stories, commentary and of course photos. Hopefully it'll be a nice surprise when I do get round to posting it!

Another thing to watch out for will be a review of some of Col. Gravis' lovely miniatures. I've managed to get my hands on some of his latest creations and as soon as I have had a chance to get my paint brushes out I will let you all know my thoughts! Also should you wish to check out his store just click on the curious constructs banner on the left hand side of the page, it's well worth a visit!

Right on to my latest creations...

The plan was always to make some crew for my Macharius Vanquisher, it's pretty much the centrepiece of the army now and needed a suitably characterful Tank Commander surveying the scene from the turret. Here is what I created...

Here is the Commander and another crewmen with the first lick of paint on. The colour is simply Tallarn Flesh, Reikland fleshwash, then Tallarn Flesh with progressively more bleached bone added until pure bleached bone for the final highlight (4 layers in total on these guys).

Here is a photo of my WIP AT heavy weapons, they will be painted like normal guardsmen with red trim so that I can switch them in and out of squads if needed. The heavy weapons are the old steel legion lascannons as what with my army being mechanised infantry is important for them to be mobile!

There are a few other bits and pieces that are in the pipeline, below you can see what else I'm working on. There is also a Hydra and Bombard which have been assembled and need a coat of spray paint before I get started on them.

Cheers everyone!


  1. Nice! I really dig how the tank crew is coming along, and I can't wait to see the Bombard!

  2. I've cheated and ordered Col Gravis's vehicle commanders! Good job. As for more mobile heavy weapons, I've reduced the barrel on the plastic autocannons and experimented with removing some of the barrel section from the lascannons. I'm happier with the autocannon look rather than the lascannon.

  3. Are those some Victoria Lamb Highlanders I see on the left of that last picture? Very cool sir!

    Love the tank crew alot. Your little GS additions really add so much character, especially that scarf!

  4. Dai - They are a kit bash of VL and GW, the brodie heads and victorian arms and torsos, the legs are the cadians. They still need greenstuff for epaulettes etc (though I'm thinking of mixing them up and sculpting some napoleonic era light infantry style ones). When I get round to them I'm intending for them to be my counts as ratlings or vets with sniper rifles.Glad you like the commander, I think its the little touches that make the difference, he is currently on my desk and almost done, watch this space!

    Ady - I dont blame you gravis commander is great, I'll be posting a finished one of those very very soon. I think heavy weapons are great to play around with, only problem I find is trying to fit the classic Praetoiran crew to the guns what with the magazines etc they carry.

    Mordian - I'm looking forward to painting tanks again, much easier and quicker for me! With those two it'll take the count to 17 tanks. Next on the list would surely be a baneblade or some basilisks... the bombard is a hell of a kit!

  5. Your army just keeps growing and growing! Looking good as always. My favorit bit is the scarf on the tank commander - it looks ace!

    With Vic's stuff I'm still having troubles coming to terms with the scale difference with the old Praetorians. When I put them side by side it bugs me a little. Having your vets separate as a 'special' squad seems to work.
    How do you feel about the scale disparity?

    1. Well you have hit the nail on the head there. I think trying to mix them with old models in the same the units would undoubtedly be problematic but as stand alone units - command HQ, vets, Storm troopers I think they seem to work fine. Also in terms of my Lord Commissar who is often found in a blob of 20 old school models he is a beast, and quite rightly so. I think the only problem is trying to square trooper to trooper which I don't do as I'm interested only in the originals for my standard guardsmen. It is indeed a problem though, no escaping (though one encountered with these old models next to anything heroic scale for that matter!)