Friday, 21 September 2012

Finished Aegis Defence Line

Hello everyone, a quick post to show you the latest edition to the army.

A couple of weeks back I decided to get myself an Aegis defence line for the obvious reasons that it is dirt cheap points wise and that why not make the most of 6th and get on the bandwagon.

I think the Aegis is a great looking piece of kit and will give me the option of fielding some effective AA in the form of the quad gun. A lot of fortifications I've seen are pretty simple and haven't received the same attention painting wise that their units have. I decided to paint it as I would any of my tanks, with the same colour scheme, detail in the form of gems, skulls, eagles, metal cables and an awful lot of weathering, scorch marks, blast marks and chips. It's taken me a few hours here and there to finish with the weathering being by far and away the most time consuming thing to finish. Here is the result!


  1. Looks great! Let's have a pic with some guard hiding behind?

  2. Your wish is my command. Man the walls!

  3. I think it looks really good. I don't have 6th edition yet so forgive me for asking, is Aegis only available to Imperial armies? The name suggests so, so this may be a silly question!
    I will be playing CSM and Tau myself.

    1. Its available to all armies, though I think for others you'd be advised to convert or make your own, something suitably defaced and spikey would work based on this and perhaps something all together different for the tau. 6th introduces generic fortifications for armies to purchase, aegis defence line is 50pts, an absolute bargain!

  4. Nicely done indeed! I really like the weathering you have done to them. Yours look so much better than most I have seen. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Lovely job! It's almost mandatory kit I think now for IG players, msut get on with one myself!

  6. It makes me want to cry how nicely painted those are lol! Very good job!

  7. Well worth the time and effort! Beautiful. Recently I have been fielding a Hydra. Its nice and cheap at 75p but the problem in 6th is that it can only 'snap fire' at normal ground targets- so a bit of a wast if the enemy has no flyers or skimmers! Consequently a defence line and gun are a much better option. I may have to join the bandwagon myself :)