Monday, 6 August 2012

Praetorians on Parade

At the weekend the Praetorian IV mechanised infantry were involved in the defence of Magnus Hive, while data is collated and reports are written here are a few photos of the army that I managed to take after the battle.

Stay tuned in the coming days for the battle report...


  1. very nice. loving the conversions.

  2. They were made to be shown on that desert themed table. Fantastic.

    What's next to add to this fine outfit?

  3. The army looks great, and has tons of character.


  4. One word - inspirational. In my humble and personal opinion, that's probably the finest painted army I've ever seen, I really like it! Can't wait to see the battle report.

  5. Mate, that looks fantastic, and I am properly and officially jealous. Nice work. Beautiful.

  6. By the way, is there still a plan for a big-ass Praetorian smackdown in January? Or has that fallen by the wayside?

    1. Well I for one would love to have a Praetorian smack down! I'm in London and it's only a train ride away to Nottingham. I think Gravis and Dave are still keen...

  7. Thanks everyone! I think it is the first time I have got them on a desert board and it seems they were born to be on it, the whole Egyptian theme just adds to it even more!
    The battle report is still being worked upon, its pretty epic so is taking a while.
    So what's next? Well, the tank crew for the Macharius (the Tank Commander is proving to be quite a character), some heavy weapon squads (lascannons, mortars) and a Tech Priest.
    On top of that I have bombard and Hydra to build, 5 more life guards to convert and about 40 more guardsmen! There just aren't enough hours in the day...

  8. wow just wow. Thanks for brining us these shots and also blogging about them all the way. It has been inspirational watching them grow into what they are now.

  9. How do fella, Check out the following video for a teaser of what's to come:

    You can grab the image off my blog and upload it to yours if you want to promote it on your site too? :O)

  10. Hey, Mate,

    Just so you know, whatever that link was, it's not working.

    - D.

  11. Thanks for letting me know, I updated the video because of a spelling mistake lol

    Here is the new link:

  12. >Winterbourne:
    [sorry - my machine won't let me 'reply']
    Well if it's going ahead then that's fantastically good news! It's a bugger of a long way from where I am in South Devon, but Gravis is an hour-or-so down the road en route, so we might just be able to lift share...IF it's happening.

    Two things really stack against me though: (1) I don't play Praetorians, so my presence - at the usual significant expense and inconvenience - is a wee bit presumtious(!) and (2) by that point there'll be an additional 2-month-old at home, so Mrs. Drax probably won't give me shore leave.

    ...all of which is why I'm trying to get my sentinels painted at least I might have a chance of enjoying something vicariously through them!

  13. wow thats very impressive