Monday, 10 September 2012

Praetorian's on GW what's new!

To my surprise upon getting home from work this evening I saw a few pictures of my Praetorians on Gamesworkshop's What's New Today! A good start to any week. Follow the link and check it out, its a few photos of my Macharius, although unfortunately before the I got the tank commander finished.

So what am I working on next? Well here is a look at the latest models to grace my painting table. In addition to these are my heavy weapon AT teams and a few other bits and pieces.

With the addition of these I will be well on my way to 4k painted. I also have a game scheduled for this Thursday 1500k against an unknown opponent. Army selection will probably follow the usual pattern of taking whatever I think looks the best with no tactical thought. The under coated items above sadly won't feature (Aegis at a push as it's pretty simple to paint) although I am tempted to take a less mechanised army these days as my options are increasing with all of the new additions.

That's enough for now, let's see if I can steal an hour or two of painting time!



  1. Yep, saw that on GW's site this morning and figured I'd stop by your blog later and say congrats!

    Someday when my fledgling Mordian force gets to 2000 pts I'm going to grab one of those awesome Macharius tanks as well. :-)


  2. And the accolades mound up - and deserved they are. Congrats sir.

  3. Mate well done, good to se that GW are taking a keen interest in the Praetorians. You never know it might make them redo the good old classic's, especially if we can get this game going in January.

    By the looks of things I have got some catching up to do when I get back with my painting and modeling as you have well and truly over taken me on the points.

    Well done mate I just wish I could paint as good and as fast as you.

  4. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Perhaps we can get some Praetorians in the new look White Dwarf in the future!

  5. Awesome stuff and well deserved!

  6. Very jealous of all that resin goodness! Always loved the bombard. Shame all my money is being saved for my navy detachment....

    1. A thunderbolt is definitely on my list of things to get. Resin is addictive stuff...