Saturday, 1 September 2012

Curious Constructs - Tank Commander Review

I've been luck enough to get one of Col. Gravis' brand new Tank Commanders from curious constructs.

Here is a review of the New Tank Commander!

The miniature arrives in three parts, the torso with left arm holding binoculars, the pointing arm and finally the head. The quality of the cast is great with little or no mould lines and takes only minute to clean up and put together. The whole miniature has great definition which really shows off the great work Gravis has done in sculpting it. I'm a particular fan of the way it is in 3 parts, it gives you plenty of options for different heads (VL or GW or other Curious Construct heads all fit great) and alternative right arms. The way the head and the torso fit together is also very good, it is nice and snug and makes for a clean finish.

Here is is assembled before I started applying some paint.

Here we go, the finished article! Now with a coat of paint the detail on the model really stands out. The first thing to note is the tank commander emblem on the tunic, now I didn't notice this till I started painting but it is a tank on a laurel wreath! Absolutely brilliant.

I think Gravis has got his torso down to a fine art now, the folds and crease are great and the model pretty much paints itself in terms of highlighting.

I don't have the best light so here is another photo which might show it of in a slightly different way. Another thing to note is the quality of the face, really good detail and nice easy eyes to paint as well.

Here he is again in the turret of my Macharius, I reckon he looks pretty at home!

So there you have it, the new Tank Commander from Curious Constructs. I think it is a great model, plenty of detail and character which really lends itself to painting. If I'm totally honest I wasn't to keen on the miniature when I first looked at it, but for me, what a difference a coat of paint makes, the miniature came to life and really looks the part. Now all I need to do is find him a tank to command as that Macharius is taken...

Coming up will be a review of the Heavy Cavalry and a look at the Gravis gatling gun!


  1. Another excellent sculpt and I love the lick of paint too!

    Thanks for the review.

  2. It's just brilliant, isn't it. I love all of the new torsos too!