Thursday, 12 April 2012

Radio Silence Over!

Greetings everyone

Apologies for the prolonged radio silence and utter lack of blogging. The past two months have been rather all over the place with a new job and a relocation to London, consequently it's only now that I'm finding myself in the same place as my miniatures with time (still a bit limited but there is some at least!) to get some hobbying done!

Incidently I am now in London and have very little idea about places to game or other hobbyists about so if you have some good local knowledge feel free to let me know.

Right on to the miniature talk!

So time has well and truely flown, as a result I have only 42 days till the 4th Mechanised Infantry need to be ready for the Badab War pt2 up at Warhammer World. The next 42 days worth of blogs will be devoted to getting the boys bristol fashion before the off. So what is to be done...

I wrote a 2500pts list a couple of months ago to get an idea of what needs to be completed. Everything that is finished is currently in the gallery and is featuring in the army, here is what is to be done and at what stage it is.

Lord Commissar - in bits

10 storm troopers - in bits

Leman Russ Executioner - on a shelf in a GW

3x10 guardsmen - undercoated

company section - undercoated

10 highland vets -  various stages of painting

Vendetta - currently wondering whether to get a new one or try to alter my existing red and black inquisitorial one (see battle reports for pictures)

So to recap we are talking a tank a plane and 56 infantry with plenty of greenstuff needing to be done.

So......... Am I mad or might I just pull this off?

No time like the present here is the WIP Commissar Lord

Apologies for making you all crook your neck, I can't get the photo to sit the right way up! The commissar lost his hat as it wasn't regulation. There will be green stuff work on the plasma pistol, helmet, collar, epaulettes and his left arm will wield a powerfist. Does anyone have any ideas what power first could work well? Also black. Do I paint his uniform black?? Im still thinking a standard colour helmet if I do.
Please tell me your thoughts.

Also to illustrate what I mean by bits here you go...

Its going to be a hell of a ride...

As ever I appreciate your comments and would love to hear what you all think.

Also if anyone is going to Badab war or you know anyone drop me a line!


  1. You sir, are a mad man.

    Much luck on the expansive painting campaign.


  2. Ha, I concur- you're mad. It seems everyone has been tied up recently with the blogging! I'm sure you would prefer a new Vendetta instead of repainting your other one. Commissars and black. It just doest seem that they can be painted in something other then black and still look like Commissars.
    Good luck, but with what we have seen of your painting and modelling pace I'm sure you can pull it off (and do an amazing job!)

  3. I agree with the commissars. Keep them black. Maybe trim them out in red instead of gold. That may help tie them together more. I like the pith helmet on the lord. Nice touch.

  4. Mad hey? You could be right. I think you are correct with the black, it really has to be doesnt it. No time like the present, the paints have been opened and I'm starting with my kilt clad veterans!

  5. I think if you paint the commissar the same colour as your troops he will just look like an officer (especially negative cap) and any other colour would seem to not make sense. The only suggestion I have is maybe paint his uniform your army colour but a black cape? Definitely keep the helmet colour the same. I have to agree with the others, that seems a ridiculous difficult target but best of luck!