Saturday, 21 April 2012

Praetorian Commissar Lord WIP

A quick update of the Commissar Lord. I've smartened his uniform up with a stripe down the trouser legs, piping on the tunic, epaulettes and a collar. The Commissar badge from the original cap has been transplanted onto the pith helmet.

The plasma pistol still requires work and I am yet to work out what to do with his other arm. The plan was to give him a power fist but I don't have any power fists to give him and I don't much fancy sculpting one (as it would likely look rubbish!). Secondly what should he be doing with that arm, should it be at ease, pointing, in the air... The other option is to just give him a power sword (The standard he comes with).

What are your thoughts, and if you have any ideas about what to use or what I should do please let me know!

Anyway that's it for today, hopefully I'll get some more paint on the highlanders this weekend.


  1. From this angle, the piping on the trousers looks a little thick?

    I think the regular sword arm gets my vote. Tho if you could mod it to have it seemingly trail behind him point angled to the floor, I think it wold make for a sweet pose.

  2. Looks fantastic ... I agree with the idea of the sword pointing down

  3. Very well done sir. I love reading your blog :)

  4. Cheers guys. I think you could be right with the sword. I was going for the power fist because it makes him less crap in combat but who cares! The sword arm that comes with him already looks good, I''l try altering it a bit to change the position.

    You're right Dai it does look a bit thick, it looks all right in the flesh but I will take a file to it when its cured to neaten it up.

  5. Hi,

    I've been lurking for a while now. I personally agree that he should have a basic power sword, but feel that pointing downwards would look strange. I would have it pointing upwards and in front of him, as though he has just swiped the blade down and across his chest, and pulled the plasma pistol in for a finishing shot.

    Sweet looking model though, and some great conversion work! What was he to begin with?

  6. Looking good!

    I'd a gree with the sword down, but if you want an old-skool left-handed powerfist I can post you an old mid-90s marine one, from the close assault weapons sprue...