Monday, 23 April 2012

Monday night painting update

Hello everyone

A rare Monday night post with an update of my progress for Badab war. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking so here you go...

Here are the miniatures I am presently working on. (Sorry for the poor light, I need to get something decent can anyone recommend a lamp? I've heard ott-lites are the way to go)

The Highlanders. I've concentrated on getting them all to the same stage before attempting the tartan en masse. Still to do on them are the weapons, red trim and feathers in helmets, facial hair and I'm contemplating eyes.

The Commissar Lord complete with sword (its only blu tacked on at the moment). Still undecided on how to pose it or whether to have a bash at a power fist as I don't think the WS5 S3 attacks will be scaring anyone...

Also just to keep the general troop count ticking over a batch of 5 guardsmen (though it was largely because at various stages with the Highlanders I had spare mixed paint that I didn't want to waste). I will hopefully have a second platoon of 3x10 with no special weapons all 1st rank 2nd rank that will be blobbed together in template tempting line! Who cares if they die as long as they look good. Im considering adding a standard commissar to this unit and a vox.

That's your Monday update. I consider myself pretty lucky to have time to paint let alone blog!

Have a good week!

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