Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The first finished highlander!

I have finished the first test highland guard! The tartan is the black watch tartan and took absolutely ages to paint. Let me know what you think and whether you think a different colour tartan might suit the colour scheme better.

One thing I am considering changing is the epaulettes, trying a brighter yellow. It also strikes me that as I have made his cuffs so big I could do something there, perhaps adding some detail. I find the red a bit too much.

Mere seconds after writing this I re-painted the cuffs.


  1. First of all- WOW. Tartan is so hard to paint and you have pulled it off amazingly. I like the cuffs a lot better with the blue. How many of these are you planning on painting?

  2. Well the plan is a unit of ten to be veterans in the main army. Including this one the first 5 are built and undercoated. The second 5 still need to be built. I have been toying with the idea of a whole platoon, which would then give me the excuse to have bagpipes and some serious command conversions. However 25+ tartans will make me go insane... With the folds and highlighting and trying to to get continuity if tartan when it changes so much is a nightmare! That said, it is good fun.

  3. Fantastic sculpting work, mate, and the tartan as superb!

  4. I am very interested to see this project continue! I have been thinking of kilt-themed Guardsmen for a long time!

    At University I wrote my senior honors history thesis about Scottish soldiers. If you're interested to take a look you can find it here: