Thursday, 17 November 2011

A few oldies...

While I'm busy working on new models for the army I thought I'd post a few photos of some of the old characters in the command HQ squad.

First up we have the old colonel. He does look rather un-Praetorian but he is such a great model and it ensured he stood out from the army. I'll have to find a way of incorporating him into the new army as an advisor.

No army would be complete without a zulu warrior! Mine is made from lots of greenstuff and an old digga youth from Gorkamorka. I think he will certainly feature in the new army and will make a great bodyguard for a new colonel.

Another slightly un-Praetorian looking model. He is made from the plastic tank crew and some work with greenstuff. I'm thinking he might make a good master of ordinance and might explain the different choice of headgear.

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