Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The final charge! Rough rider horses finished.

My cavalry have left it pretty late for Cavember but we are now on the home straight! I've just finished painting the horses, and I should just add I really dislike paiting horses for some reason. Well anyway they are done and I'm pleased with the result and think they make great mounts for the Dragoons.

Tomorrow after work I will try and paint the 5 cavalrymen, I'm going to mix up the colour scheme a bit and deviate from the matching khaki top and bottom of the footsloggers, it will still be predominately khaki based as I want to keep a colour scheme running throughout the whole army.

Not much time left till the Cavmber deadline so wish me luck!

Also, horses eyes? Should I paint them at all or leave them black (they are blacky brown normally right?)


  1. Great job on the horses! yeah I say paint the eyes black. I have never seen nor could I find on the net, any grey/ white horses with eyes other then black. You could make them slightly glossy or have a reflected spot on them? (not that I did either of these).

  2. Also I really like your highlighting (like on the reins). My highlighting is almost non existent compared to yours. hmmm, there is something I'll try next time.