Friday, 11 November 2011

A New Dawn...

I've been out of the hobby for a long time, too long in fact. It was rather more by chance than by anything else that I found myself emailing Col. Gravis  pictures of the long demobbed 4th Praetorian Mechanised Infantry. The response was encouraging, very encouraging actually.

The kind encouragement and praise I received has caused me to resurrect the army and continue where I left off many years ago.

Let us start at the beginning...


The Praetorian 4th (a strangely popular number among Praetorian Commanders) Mechanised Infantry started life over 10 years ago, inspired by the Big Toof River display at games day ’97 and British history (like many other Praetorian collectors). They army went through many different incarnations (painted, stripped, repainted... at one stage it was sporting a lot of union flags), and abandoned the red livery, in favour of khaki fatigues worn by British troops in the late 19th century. When the Steel Legion were released with the option of fielding imperial guard as mechanised infantry the 4th were truly born.

The Praetorian 4th Mechanised Infantry were a force to be reckoned with, their armour rightly feared and the courage of their infantry undoubted. Having fought in several campaigns and distinguised themselves in the 3rd war for Armageddon they were due to return to holy Praetoria for refitting and replenishment. However, en route the gods of chaos conspired against them leaving the regiment stranded in a savage warp storm for many years.

The storm caused countless casualties, and left the regiment utterly decimated, with many of the senior officers having been summarily executed by the commissariat. Many years after the conclusion of their tour of Armageddon and their confinement within the warp the regiment finally limped into the Praetorian sub sector. Beleaguered, leaderless and crippled, the few stalwart elements of the 4th Mechanised Infantry were left were subject to grueling trials to prove their faith in the God Emperor.

Images of the glorious 4th Praetoran Mechanised Infantry in their pomp.

That was then...


  1. As I've said previously, awesome stuff, and great to see your blog online!