Saturday, 12 November 2011

The whole world has gone cavalry mad...

It seems that you can't follow a Praetorian blog without seeing cavalry somewhere, I'm sure this in no small part to the great miniatures from Col. Gravis and the rather nice pictures of Victoria Lambs new cavalry models.

Well this blog won't be aby different so I'll show what I've been working on this past week...

Firstly I felt the outrider horses required some work to make them fit for service in the Emperors glorious Imperial Guard. I added a rolled up pack behind the saddle, a few aquilla (most notable the aquilla on the forehead of the horse which will be present on the whole unit), and as my cavalry are to be Dragoons instead of lancers, I created gun holsters.

Accompanying the modified horse is of course a modified rider. As I mentioned before, these were to becom dragoons and so would be leaving their lances at home. The sergeant is based on Col. Gravis RR kit with a head from the outriders kit and a modified bionic arm from the guard command sprue, the bugler has an added plume to his helmet that will be a feature of all my new cavalry. They are still work in progress and there is plenty more to add and refine!

A unit of 5 is nearing completion, so before I start to paint I'll try and post a few more photos. I've also been working on some Highlang guard, heavy weapon teams and a new command HQ squad. Watch this space for pictures in the next few days!


  1. Colonel Winterborne, I love them!! They are fantastic. That helmet plume looks great. I didn't feel competent enough to attempt mine in greenstuff but at some point I will have to give it a go. Nice Aquilla too. These, like the rest of your models, are very inspiring.

  2. Glad you like them, if people are interested I can give a tutorial on the Aquila, they are really simple to sculpt and help to bring your troops back to 40k rather than being historical models. Also the packs on the horses are very simple!

  3. Truly wish I had your skill with Greenstuff, oh well practice... practice...practice.