Sunday, 7 April 2013

Getting ready for Vidar's fate

Today I have finally been able to put a good few hours into painting some models!

I've been busy with a couple of professional exams the past month or so, this has unfortunately meant I've barely had sight of a paint brush. That dark time has now come to and end (for the time being), and I find myself with a mountain of models that need painting!

The big event on the horizon is Saturday 20th April where I will be teaming up with none other than Col Gravis at Warhammer World's campaign weeknd Vidar's Fate where on the Sunday in a 5k a side Apocalypse doubles game, the my mighty Macharius and Gravis' Malcador will be teaming up along side well over a 100 guardsmen and 20 odd tanks!

As per usual I have left myself with it all to do painting wise before I head up there. Grand plans of adding things to my tanks, changing bits here and there, painting a platoon of Tallarns... have come to naught. I've had to revise my plans somewhat and will content myself with 3 Thudd guns, the 9 crew, 6 regular guardsmen (to give me some options weapon loadout wise), 5 possible counts as ratlings and Victoria Lambs Captain Caine who I have converted a little bit.

Here are some photos of where I've got to so far.

 photo IMG_4710_zps4aa34e81.jpg

The three Thudd guns are done. They have all been based using resin parts from the citadel basing kit to help add some interest to the large bases and to make the guns look less lonely. There are also a few hidden 'easter eggs' as this one has a crux terminatus hidden under the carriage.

 photo IMG_4712_zpsef8433d6.jpg

Here we have a range finder I put together from a monocular and the heavy weapon missile launcher stand.

 photo IMG_4708_zps0434967f.jpg

This one has a servo skull floating around, no doubt relaying targeting data to regimental command. There is also an Eldar rune on the base of this one hidden among the tall grass.

 photo IMG_4716_zpsea1119f9.jpg

Here you get a good look at the little tractors and the classic squat carriages these weapons sit on. I will certainly need to get some Trojans for these guys at some point in the future!

 photo IMG_4718_zps36336e0e.jpg

Here is a better picture of the tech priest. I'm not sure if he will ever get much of a game as struggle to see how I would really use him tactically, nonetheless, awesome model and he'll be getting an Trojan as his transport soon along with a load of servitors. (The Imperial Armour 1 second edition updates these guys and gives him the option of a Trojan personal transport)

 photo IMG_4720_zpse142ecf0.jpg

My Captain Caine with hand swaps and added epaulettes.

 photo IMG_4722_zps9e021e15.jpg

My riflemen who may well become counts as Ratlings and possibly dark green cuffs and plumes to mark them out from the rest of the army.

 photo IMG_4724_zps4fa063f8.jpg

Some regular guardsmen so I can swap heavy weapons out of units if needed. I've developed a much quicker 4 stage method for the uniforms on rank and file so hopefully I won't need to spend to long getting these guys up to spec.

 photo IMG_4732_zps533be764.jpg

The crew for the Thudd guns. A motely collection of various heavy weapon crews led by the gunnery sergeant front left who is holding a map/communication (probably with coordinates scribbled down) and has goggles on his helmet.

So all of the above needs to be finished by the time I go to bed on Thursday 18th April. Can I get them finished in time? Fingers crossed! At the time of posting this I have already almost finished Captain Caine, and can I just what a model, a delight to paint. Expect to see him in the next post and an update on the rest.

Thanks for reading!


  1. These will all look really cool once they have their colours. Especiall like the idea of that "ratling" squad getting green accents - why not give them green uniforms altogether in a Sharpe's Rifles style?

  2. Those thudd guns look stonkingly good, mate!

    And hearty congrats on the century too!