Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Imperial Guard Salamander rides again!

A special post on something I don't do a great deal of. Rules and game mechanics!

As you may have twigged from the post title I want to talk about the Salamander, and more importantly its new rules.

Here is a photo of my Salamander Command, possibly one of my all time favourite Guard tanks.

Now it may be that people don't care about the Salamander, maybe nobody owns one other than me, nonetheless I'm going to do my best to educate you all on the wonders of this tank and the great rules it got in the latest IA book, Imperial Armour 1 2nd Edition.

The first great change for the tank is that the Command is now an Elite choice (anybody take many elites, no? Didn't think so...) so it slots in to the army nicely, the scout is fast attack so has far greater competition. The big and welcome change is that the command tank is now BS4! Fast and has scout! Furthermore it can forgo shooting and reduce the cover save of an enemy unit by 1. All this for only 60pts. Bargain.

The scout is 55 and can be bought in squadrons of up to 3, is also fast with scout but sadly is only BS3 with no other special rules.

That scanner can do wonders...

So what are your thoughts? I'm thinking my Salamander will very quickly become a staple of my guard army.


  1. I may just have to build one up. that sounds like it will be a fantastic addition to my catachan/raptors cover save shenanigans

  2. Nice! I'm a huge Fan of the Salamander scout/command tank - Still haven't had a chance to pick up the new book, but I'm chuffed to hear they dropped the points to a more reasonable level.

    I love your version, it's such a great model and you've done a cracking job painting it!

  3. Wh-what?!

    I really LOVE Salamanders, and these rules look fantastic...but for those of us currently out of the loop, where on earth are the new rules to be found, please?

    Should I assume they no longer can issue orders?

    For those of you less familiar with my older conversions, these are my two Sallie conversions - I particularly like the first one:
    and .

    I love yours!

    1. Shirley, it's the officer riding in the salamandhur that issues the orders ?

  4. It's in the Imperial Armour 1 2nd edition book that was released earlier this year.

    Sadly no orders but I don't see that as a big problem, 6 s5 ap4 shots at bs5 on a fast tank make it pretty good in my eyes! Quite the distraction for the enemy I reckon.

    Those are some great conversions, the armoured car in particular!

  5. Ooh, those are some nice rules. I've always liked the Sally, and that makes her even more appealing!

  6. :-) Haven't seen one of those in ages... Didn't they used to have Autocannon? Looking very nice though...

  7. Scout salamanders have the autocannon command either heavy flamer or heavy bolter.

  8. If you take an Armoured company list then the salamander can be your he and issue special tank orders to the other tanks. Otherwise no orders

  9. I like it just for it's aesthetic appeal. ALl the details inside really make for a seriously interesting vehicle. Your own paint job does it marvelous justice.