Friday, 26 April 2013

Praetorian Civil War! The Battle for Spyral Prime 2

Another pic heavy post (the best kind of post surely?! Also I've made them slightly bigger, if this messes up peoples browsers etc do let me know and I will revert to the smaller sizes) with all the action from The Praetorian v Praetorian battle on the City fight board Spyral prime.

Continuing from the last post lets get stuck in to the action!

 photo IMG_4780_zpsb8026586.jpg

The opening salvos from the IV mechanised decimate the red coats sheltering behind the aegis. The Thudd guns alone account for 20+ guardsmen!

 photo IMG_4781_zps9ab6b7c5.jpg

As the explosions cease Gravis' artillery ready themselves to return fire.

 photo IMG_4782_zpscdc7bad2.jpg

The macharius hunts for targets...

 photo IMG_4783_zps62d97446.jpg

The few remaining guardsmen from half a dozen squads regroup.

 photo IMG_4784_zps662fc25e.jpg

Another platoon sheltering in a ruined building are saved the worst of the artillery fire and take up firing positions ready to ambush the advancing mechanised units.

 photo IMG_4785_zps5a569174.jpg

The demolisher slowly rumbles forward while the guardsmen in the street batter the door down on the building to left heading for an objective high up on a walkway.

 photo IMG_4786_zpseda13f8e.jpg

Gravis' right flank remains untouched by the bombardment and maneuvers into position.

 photo IMG_4787_zpse34fa75b.jpg

The medusa, rightly feared by the enemy tanks, had been targetted by all weapons that could be brought to bear. However a combination of cover and wildly scattering ordinance meant it survived unscathed and the following turn with its bastion breacher shells destroys the malcador in one shot!

 photo IMG_4789_zps32c5c9a2.jpg

The Dragoons get the charge on the enemy cavalry.

 photo IMG_4791_zps43014ca7.jpg

The two cavalry officers engage in one on one combat!

 photo IMG_4792_zpse624d17e.jpg

Much of the red coat lines lie in tatters, buoyed by their success, the IV mechanised advance on enemy lines,  claiming objectives as they go and putting bayonet to the surviving guardsmen they encounter.

 photo IMG_4793_zps178b5585.jpg

Gravis' Leman Russ tanks prove difficult to shift, however once again due to wayward shots and cover their shots fail to make their mark on the IV armour.

 photo IMG_4795_zps9f9440cb.jpg

A flanking squad of vets try to take the fight to the enemy and encounter stiff resistance.

 photo IMG_4796_zps3bb7f65a.jpg

The Vendetta arrives and finally starts to take down the IV armour as the hydra rapidly redeploys to get line of sight on the gunship.

 photo IMG_4797_zps754b8512.jpg

Heavily fortified infantry guarding one of the objectives.

 photo IMG_4798_zps20253e41.jpg

High above the conflict below on the spire of a hab block the brave red coat sergeant stands firm, his squad all killed by the ruthless Life Guards. Not only did he stand firm but in his ensuing charge he managed to cut the Life Guards down and win combat!

 photo IMG_4799_zps64b60706.jpg

More infantry dismount to claim objectives.

 photo IMG_4800_zpsf4a48ea3.jpg

The Highlanders make it to the landing pad to claim another objective as the Vendetta continues hunting.

 photo IMG_4801_zpsb4931034.jpg

The IV mechanised finally destroy the Leman Russ and the advance continues.

 photo IMG_4803_zpseeefdf95.jpg

Captain Caine dismounts and hunts down the last survivors of Gravis's army.

 photo IMG_4804_zpse9bff28d.jpg

The last objective is claimed and the game ends with a resounding Praetorian Victory!


A massive thanks to Gravis, an epic game with some great moments.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will be posting some photos of our two armies on parade!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awesome, awesome, and more awesome! That was a fantastic battle report and some fantastic pics. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thrilling stuff! Those pictures illustrated very well a great conflict.

  3. Great Battle report. I agree, Wonderful pics! I like the way the Pics really tell the story, and the words are just there to help.

  4. Thanks, its certainly much easier for me to try to tell it with pictures!

  5. Wow. Really, wow.

    Seriosly chaps - I could scarcely be more envious.

    Bloody well done!