Thursday, 25 April 2013

Praetorian Civil War! The Battle for Spyral Prime

The eagle eyed among you might have spotted who my guardsmen were facing in the pictures from my previous post. None other than Col. Gravis' Praetorians!

Last weekend Col Gravis and I attended Warhammer World Vidar's Fate campaign weekend, and to kick the weekend off on the Friday we played a 2.5k a-side Praetorian v Praetorian 40k game on the beautiful new 6x8 40k board at WW, Spyral Prime. We each used 1 super heavy with the Macharius and Malcador taking to the field, played a simple objective based mission with 5 objectives (one in each deployment zone, though no more than 12" from no mans land to keep it central, and 3 in no mans land), diagonal deployment and common sense rules for the terrain and buildings with a few counts as elevators and no need to roll for difficult terrain unless it was clearly very difficult (no rolling for buildings to encourage mobility). I won the roll to deploy first and off we went!

Here is my list (more or less, I've forgotten what else was in it and can't find the original!)

HQ - 
Command tank exterminator (bs4) with hb sponsons 180
Troops -
leman russ 150
Armoured fist squad 105
Armoured fist squad 105
Armoured fist squad 105
Armoured fist squad 105
Armoured fist squad 105
Commans Section, chimera 80
Fast -
Hellhound 130
8 rough riders, melta bombs 90
Elite -
salamander command 60
Stormtroopers, flamer 90
medusa with bastion breacher 140
Thunderbolt 180
3 thudd guns 150
Colossus 140
Death strike 160
Macharius with heavy bolters 335

 photo IMG_4751_zpse9d765cb.jpg

The tanks of the IV mechanised wait in the behind the cover of the buildings for the order to advance to be given.

 photo IMG_4753_zps3327ac80.jpg

 photo IMG_4755_zps383825b0.jpg

The brand new Thudd guns on their first outing.

 photo IMG_4756_zps43fd2e24.jpg

 photo IMG_4757_zps97f6b598.jpg

 photo IMG_4758_zpsd0d50841.jpg

 photo IMG_4759_zpscc2ac250.jpg

The chimera in advanced positions, ready to advance on the objectives.

 photo IMG_4760_zpsd4fa61b9.jpg

The fortified line of the Red coats.

 photo IMG_4761_zps6e120972.jpg

The imposing form of the Macharius is spotted in the distance.

 photo IMG_4762_zpsc8d1cb50.jpg

 photo IMG_4763_zpsb95a1e73.jpg

 photo IMG_4764_zpsa589fc80.jpg

The Malcador and the Command HQ ready to engage the enemy.

 photo IMG_4765_zps13c8baf4.jpg

The rough riders ready to counter attack the enemy.

 photo IMG_4766_zps61cf88c8.jpg

 photo IMG_4767_zps31c7d0b7.jpg

 photo IMG_4769_zps81b2e5ea.jpg

A medusa waits in the shadows

 photo IMG_4770_zpse5d7e684.jpg

Praetorian guardsmen take shelter in the buildings.

 photo IMG_4772_zps863b29c1.jpg

 photo IMG_4774_zpsf9255251.jpg

The storm troopers infiltrate into an advanced position.

 photo IMG_4775_zpsa5b5f02a.jpg

 photo IMG_4776_zpsb3fe56a8.jpg

 photo IMG_4777_zpsca921c34.jpg

 photo IMG_4778_zps668c59d4.jpg

The thin red line readies itself for the incoming armour.

 photo IMG_4779_zps032c0a8f.jpg

Stay tuned for the next post and what happens in the game!

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  1. Awesome pics - looks like it was a great game!

  2. Wow, what a table to play on.

    Eager for the next update.