Thursday, 28 January 2016

WIP Wyvern

Hi Everyone! 

I've been working on the Wyvern for my guard and it is coming along nicely. Hopefully it shouldn't be too long before it is done!

Took me plenty of trial and error but by the end I'm very pleased with the display screen, I initially painted it all very light and then started darkening it dark angels green and black mixes with green and black glazes. 

Here you can see how it will roughly look with the Praetorian gunner and the mortars attached. Then rest of the tank should be relatively straightforward to paint. It will of course feature the customary freehand that all my armoured elements have. 

Id love to know what you all think!


  1. That's blindingly good. You're so good at this I feel like a ham handed giant. Well done sir. Great work as always. Also, really cool radar design.

  2. Damn mate - That screen looks boss! You're standard of work just gets better and better.

  3. Beautiful work! That screen is gorgeous!

  4. Very nice. The little details make a massive difference.