Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Sworn to protect...

A few more photos of Nork and the colonels command squad which he will join.

After viewing him with the unit and taking into consideration the feedback on previous posts I made a few changes. I altered the colour on the helmet band to match the command HQ and also added some extra freehand which you will see in the following photos.

As all the human members of the command HQ wear red sashes I thought Nork needed an Ogryn equivalent. But lets be honest, I don't think a sash would last long. As a result I decided to paint a red stripe on the armour as an ogryn compromise which also allows him to keep up to speed with Praetorian uniform regulations.

The green, blue and purple are all details colours that you will see throughout the army. 

Perhaps its not apparant from the photos but I applied more red shading to the scar but I think it's been lost a bit in the photo light.

All in all I'm rather pleased how he turned out! When I next play a game of 40k I will most definitely be taking him, which may well mean putting the Colonel in harms way... theres no point taking him if he can't bash something! 

Right, on to the next thing to paint... perhaps it's time to paint the Wyvern...


  1. The red stripe to match the Command Squad is a nice touch.

  2. Freehand works really well now I see him stood with his command pals.

    Scar is better looking too.

    Dead sexi mate!

  3. That is phenomenal - absolutely cracking work, man!

  4. Thats the ticket. The red is a great spot colour, and the helmet now looks to have that little extra zing it needed. Also I noticed you added some more damage to the back plate - hit the sweet spot there matey - well done on a fantastic model.

  5. The internet has eaten the comment I thought I'd left and I can't remember my witty and insightful comment that would have instantly made the whole world a better place for each and every person who read it. Oh well.

    I think I was admiring the way you've achieved contrast between the armour and the clothing.

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone and in particular the feedback on what to add or alter.
    RE Zzzzzz the armour is simply painted like my tanks the the fatigues like the infantry. Seems to bridge the gap between the two really well.