Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Finished Praetorian Nork Deddog

Hi everyone!

The new year is so far turning out to be a good one hobby-wise for me. I've managed to get some more paint on Nork and bar the base (and any possible freehand) he is completed. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts.



  1. It dawned on me as to just how huge that gun is! O_o Strong Ogryn indeed.

    He looks fantastic. Only thing I'd comment on is to perhaps make his scar a little pinker so it stands out more and perhaps add a cheeky tattoo or three to those bulging biceps?

  2. Very nice. Love the pith helmet addition! The little splash of purple for the belt buckle will catch the eye as well.

  3. Lovely stuff mate. The purple is a nice touch. I wonder if a red sash on the helmet instead of white would add a bit more something - its lots of shades of tan/cream at the minute. Also is the caster skull gold or a leathery colour? The only other thing that jumped out at me on first review and again just now is the near symmetrical scuff marks on the rear armour - it doesnt have the random sense of the other marks.

  4. Lovely work - so many delightful little details!