Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fast Attack of the Praetorian IV - Gallery photos part 5

Welcome to the final gallery photo post. In this one I will take you through the faster elements of the Praetorian IV from the Thunderbolt to the heroic Rough Riders.

We start off with the Thunderbolt of Flight Lieutenant Corvus 'Rook'. A beautiful forge world kit and one of my absolute favourite models to paint. So much character and such a brutal look to it.

 photo DSC_1346_zps77154d55.jpg

Here we have a decent photo of the cockpit and his call sign. The display in front of the pilot is banked to be horizontal with the way the plane sits on the flight stand.

 photo DSC_1347_zps57eeb6c5.jpg

Clearly a very successful pilot he's racked up a lot of kills with an impressive 18 confirmed enemy kills. Behind the cockpit we have the squadron markings.

 photo DSC_1348_zps04877a8b.jpg

Once again the plane features the red and white markings that run through all the support vehicles in my army. The black and white chequered pattern continues the chess theme of the pilot.

 photo DSC_1362_zps56cf794e.jpg

Not really a part of the fast attack but its quick so we will take it. It's the prime that will transport the Highland Scions when finished.

 photo DSC_1410_zps0d14e803.jpg

Here we have the hellhound 'Singing Sally' and the Banewolf. The Hellhound was originally painted way back when the army was started and so is the proper old school metal model and fatter chimera frame. It was of course update more recently to bring it in line with the rest of the army.

 photo DSC_1404_zpse5abd9c0.jpg

The Salamander Command vehicle with a few minor conversions. It usually has a heavy flamer but I converted a heavy bolter from the guard kick. A very old forgeworld model, but still such a god one.

 photo DSC_1406_zpsb1bdb7fa.jpg

You can see another minor conversion here where you see half of a land raider grenade launcher mounted on the side of the armoured half track area. Also note the way the ammo feed comes from the tank to the heavy bolter.

 photo DSC_1383_zps393be680.jpg

Now the Rough Riders! Converted with Col. Gravis kits and lots of green stuff on the horses with aquilla on the heads and holstered weapons.

 photo DSC_1382_zpsf3da14ea.jpg

These models have big fat cavalry sabres on the mounts for when they get close and personal. Also note the cavalry plumes green stuffed on the helmets.

 photo DSC_1375_zps24126a82.jpg

Another photo of the 5. I would love to make a few more squads of these with lances and have these guys as a command section.

That concludes the gallery posts! I hope you have enjoyed them. Next time there will be some more new models to show you.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Absolutely brilliant. I was already impressed with your panting and consistency, but these have blown me away and raised the bar higher yet. Your attention to detail is staggering - that cockpit display is really something else!

    I've really enjoyed this series of posts - thanks for sharing such an awesome collection with the broader community - brilliant.

  2. Great weathering. You really see the detail you've put into the pieces in those zoomed in shots!

  3. Really nice, love that display in the plane, top notch.

  4. Those Rough Riders are so damned sexi. Love all the extra additions - subtle, but they really make the models looks better.