Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Baneblade painting update

Greetings everyone, a quick post here for you today with a sneak peak at the painting work taking place on the latest super heavy to join the Praetorian IV.

So far the tracks have been painted and weathered but still require a lot more drybrushing to bring out the colours of the weathering. The red and white colours have been painted on the hull as so it would start to take shape, there may be other panels or sections featuring the red and white but I haven't decided yet.

All targeting lenses and viewing glass has been painted in the dark blue style in keeping with the rest of the army. Additionally the inside of the command cupola has been painted in the same manner as the Macharius. Don't let the armless commander alarm you as i removed one to help painting.

The big jobs to be done are the white and black (including metal). All the Aquila and skull motifs will be white and various weapon parts and engineering gubbins will be black and metal. When these are done it will be time to start freehand and then weathering and then finally the Commander.

Fingers crossed it shouldn't take so long to complete when I get back from Texas in April.



  1. There's someone outside your window taking a photo of the back of your tank!

    I really must learn how to paint one day.

    Looking v. smart there.

  2. That's looking fantastic - really digging how it's coming along!

  3. Its looking fantastic. Baneblades are such imposing kits to paint (or at least I found mine was many years ago). This one is looking like it will fit right in with the rest of your force.

    Great work mate.