Sunday, 14 September 2014

September Update

Hey everyone!

Sadly the past few months have been pretty barren hobby-wise. Nonetheless I have managed to get a few bits done and have even managed to snap a few photos.

There are photos of a few of the newer projects and some older models that have been on the cards for a couple of years!

 photo IMG_9715_zps5b975ed9.jpg

First up we have a photos of all the work in progress items (minus one Taurox I couldn't face building after constructing so many tanks and a load more infantry). 3 mortars I started painting about 2 years ago, 3 lascannons, 4 squads of guardsmen, 5 Life guards (the other 5 were completed about 2 years ago or more), 10 Highland Scions, 5 Bullgryns, Nork, a missionary, a command section, 2 Taurox, a wyvern and a baneblade. Oh and a commissar.

Should take me all of a weekend to paint don't you think?...

 photo IMG_9716_zps7350d55e.jpg

 photo IMG_9717_zps549abf76.jpg

Here we have a closer photos of an officer with a power fist that I converted ages ago. Also Nork with the small conversion on the loudspeaker and the commissar with the hat swap.

 photo IMG_9718_zps0fbd6388.jpg

The mortars have been work in progress for a long long time. The bases and main uniform colour are all finished. One day I will get round to painting the rest!

 photo IMG_9719_zps4b839abc.jpg

The newest super heavy to attached to the IV mechanised infantry. Very much looking forward to working on this one.

 photo IMG_9720_zps31f855f9.jpg

The Highland Scions. They all have the newest VL kilts and heads. The only infantry in my army who don't have the trademark epaulettes. The only greenstuffing I needed to do was the plumes on the side of the helmets and then collars on their uniforms as the heads didn't fit so well with the armoured torsos.

 photo IMG_9721_zpsc3c0570b.jpg

The bullgryns. Another unit I am looking forward to painting.

 photo IMG_9722_zps7fba1cf5.jpg

I finished the first 5 Life guards years ago so its nice to finally convert and undercoat the second 5! Its been pretty shameful how long it has taken, but at least we are finally almost there, almost a unit of 10!

 photo IMG_9723_zpsd83930ff.jpg

Here are the converted Wyvern crew. Straight head swap on both and then then addition of VL epaulettes.

 photo IMG_9725_zps358594fa.jpg

Finally the Baneblade tank commander, complete with pipe and sabre.

Right that is your lot for the moment. I'm currently painting the tanks getting them all to the stage where the main hull colour is complete. Also need to buy a few more paints, pretty much out of XV88 and Ushabti bone which is pretty fatal for me!

I've also trialed the army painter spray paint on these tanks and I think it works pretty well. Not so different to the XV88 (just a little bit more gray perhaps, lacking a redder tint), I reckon it will save me a lot of hours.

I've got a few more posts in the pipeline so hopefully it wont be months before the next one!

I've been sorting lots of old stuff out recently and I unearthed some classic armies of mine. There are going to be a Warhammer fantasy posts coming up featuring a Dark Elves, Vampire Counts and Khemri army I painted over 10 years ago!

Heres a sneak peak

 photo IMG_9814_zpsd574e8b7.jpg

Watch this space.


  1. Great to see an update here! It looks like you've got some work cut out for you. Im sure you'll enjoy it though.

  2. Great to see you back posting, there's always something worthwhile to see when you do.

  3. Welcome back! Great looking stuff as always. Looking forward to seeing it painted.

  4. Cheers fellas, just picked up a few paints from the store so am ready to roll!

  5. Well ? You've had four days, have you finished yet ?

    Lovin' the VL/Scions. Might have to add them to the bottom of the project list...