Friday, 10 May 2013

Wars of Armageddon

Hi everyone I will be tying my best to get some posts about the last campaign weekend up in the next day or two, but in the meantime check out the below event which my Praetorian's will be attending in July... 

If you can make it then get yourself a ticket!

Wars of Armageddon

The purpose of the event is to allow players to participate in non-competitive story driven battles, where it is the power of the narrative that wins rather than a powerful army.

Table Top Nations are running the narrative campaign event over at Table Top Nations (Table Top Nations, 17 Eldon Way, Hockley, Essex, United Kingdom) and it’s based on the Wars of Armageddon.

It’s got everything you'd expect with prizes and trophies ect, and we're still open to getting as many people as we can and in all honesty could do with a few more Ork players especially! The bigger the green tide the better.

The better the numbers, the better the event, if we get the numbers up abit more I actually PROMISE you the best event you’ve ever been too. We’re all dedicated to this project, not like Games Workshop…Plus it’s half the cost of theirs.

6th-7th of July, £30, Weekend narrative event, Table Top Nations.
If it’s not for you, asking anyone else would help

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