Sunday, 12 May 2013

Vidar's Fate campaign weekend report part 1

As promised here is the round up of the Vidar's Fate campaign weekend.


Game 1 vs Chaos

 photo IMG_4841_zpsa1e60623.jpg

the gun line awaits the advancing chaos.

 photo IMG_4842_zpsfb310666.jpg

 photo IMG_4843_zps4fbdd0e6.jpg

The helldrake is followed onto the table by Lt. Rook.

 photo IMG_4844_zpsd015bcad.jpg

Unfortunately the thunderbolt's shooting fails to come up to proof and fails to damage the demonic beast.

 photo IMG_4845_zpscbe5a65c.jpg

The game ended in a resounding victory for the Guard. The most destructive force for the other side proved to be my own Leman Russ which kept getting puppet mastered...

Game 2 1k per person doubles with Gravis vs orks and chaos

 photo IMG_4860_zpsdd6d0095.jpg

My mounted infantry platoon starts in reserve, while Gravis' forces set up across the battlefront.

 photo IMG_4861_zpse0631e13.jpg

The ork army mounted on bikes, grot tanks and buggies races forwards.

 photo IMG_4862_zps302bf3da.jpg

 photo IMG_4863_zps816dd00d.jpg

Gravis' advanced platoon moves towards no mans land and an objective

 photo IMG_4864_zps6d302b67.jpg

 photo IMG_4865_zps8c718874.jpg

The Thudd guns took a heavy toll on the opposing forces. With 8 S5 templates a turn no foe was safe.

 photo IMG_4866_zps95d167e5.jpg

Wazdakka and his bikes race forward under a torrent of fire from the Praetorians.

 photo IMG_4867_zpsbe1cbdf0.jpg

The grot tanks advance and fire to great effect on Praetorian infantry, causing considerable damage with their  template weapons.

 photo IMG_4868_zps8304a702.jpg

 photo IMG_4870_zps660d92bc.jpg

The infantry platoon arrives from reserve to lend its fire to tackling the horde of greenskin bikers.

 photo IMG_4871_zps04865e87.jpg

The Thunderbolt arrives to tackle the grot tank problem.

 photo IMG_4872_zps20de824e.jpg

 photo IMG_4873_zpsfd2c92ad.jpg

The game ends with another convincing Praetorian victory. The entire chaos ork army had been destroyed.

Game 3 vs Guard

 photo IMG_4875_zps946b7807.jpg

A guard v guard encounter played hammer and anvil . A rather curious set up as we both just set up at optimum range and prepared to unleash hell. This was a kill points mission so plenty to kill on both sides.

 photo IMG_4876_zps29de2fca.jpg

 photo IMG_4877_zps5f7171da.jpg

 photo IMG_4878_zps8ee07af8.jpg

With some horrendous rolling on my opponents part and lucky rolling on my part it very quickly became apparent this wasn't going to end well for my opponent. My armour quickly set to work destroying his advance units.

 photo IMG_4879_zps4367ac52.jpg

Outlflanking sentinels arrive...

 photo IMG_4880_zps5cbaed1e.jpg

and another... and they both miss with everything...

 photo IMG_4882_zpsedc8672b.jpg

The thunderbolt does what fliers do best... destroy hydras before they even get to shoot.

Needless to say it was a Praetorian victory. It was wrapped up in record time with my opponent failing to take a single hullpoint off a vehicle despite a fair few hits. The blobbed infantry platoon with a commissar lord running off the table after taking just a few casualties kinda summed it up.

 photo IMG_4883_zpsbd1b93f1.jpg

The speed of the previous game gave me the opportunity to check up on my red coated brothers and get a couple of photos of them against the nid horde.

 photo IMG_4884_zps567a409f.jpg

Bring it down!

 photo IMG_4885_zps9ee6afb1.jpg

So at the end of day 1 I had racked up 3 impressive victories.

The next post will feature the painting competition which will be followed by the final part bringing you pictures from a game against necrons and the apocalypse game...


  1. 3 in one day!!! (2 Thumbs UP) Excellent showing for the guard there.

  2. Congrats on the hat-trick of victories!

    Nice to see such wonderful miniatures getting a wonderful result.