Monday, 7 January 2013

More WIP Thunderbolt

Greetings everyone

Another picture heavy post with a few more updates on the thunderbolt. I'm managing to get 30 mins here and an hour there. Enough to do a few bits and bobs but not enough time to really get to grips with some of the larger tasks remaining.

Lets kick off with the plane and some new weathering I've been experimenting with.


On the left wing I've had a go at adding some subtle rust and in addition to my usual weathering (bone colour, black then silver) I've tried out the sponge technique with some very dark brown and really like the variety it gives me.


I've also freehand painted a grey eagle that will get painted white in the end and have started sketching a design on the engine cowl. That will be the pilot/plane name/image which will contain a laurel wreath but other than that I'm not sure yet!

Here is a picture of the underside of the plane


It's pretty plain at the moment but I've started weathering the left wing with rust and the sponge technique. With regards any marking on the underside I think it will remain blank though if anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them.

Clean side


Dirty side


This is the first time trying out a lot of techniques on this so I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts!

Now on to the base, I've painted the basics but am not quite happy with it yet. I'm not sure what exactly but it needs something else.


I've had a good go at wrecking an old Leman Russ (a previous comment mentioned space wolves leman russ' and funnily enough this was a space wolves leman russ that was canabalised for the gun for my exterminator!)


I've gone for a pretty non offensive grey rusted paint job. But am now thinking perhaps its a bit to dull.


There is a corpse that wasn't luck in escaping the wreckage who I've given red and khaki fatigues. I'm not sure why and I'm also not sure it works.


I'm thinking perhaps I need to build up more sand to give the land around the tank some relief.


Please tell me your thoughts on this base and what I should change I would be very interested and eager to hear them! Also I intended to paint the dad guardsman rather burnt but am a little unsure about how to go about painting a burnt corpse.

Hopefully in my next post I can have this blighter almost finished.

Thanks for looking please let me know your thoughts!


  1. The flyer looks great. I am no good with vehicles. I paint them at a good tabletop standard, but they have no weathering or details. Maybe I will start tinkering around with weathering. As for the base, maybe change the color to a blue and khaki. That may help it stand out, and set it apart from your army.

    p.s. It looks like we are sticking to our blogging resolutions.

  2. Hey, long time reader but never commented before. The plane and base look fantastic, but I agree the base could benefit from building up around the wrecked tank. It looks a little bit like half a tank stuck a flat surface. Some more landscaping would make it perfect, it already looks suitably muted to show the excellent plane paint job off.

    Cheers rob

    1. I agree: keep the base muted.

      Not sure about the crewman...

  3. Hi Colonel, Looking good. I like the weathering on the underside. A lot of warplanes have call signs and markings painted in the under the wings. Not sure it it would add to the paint job or not on this though. Have you though of a call sign yet? Just don't go with "Maverick" please..

  4. Crispy Crewman would be blackened and flakey with pink/red/orange showing through the cracks of his blackened skin. I think the tank itself looks fine as is, though like mentioned above, some gravel or some such to make it more part of the base would help I think.

  5. The call sign is chosen and I've finally decided on the freehand needed for the rest of the plane. Fingers crossed next post about it is a good one!
    I've started building up the base around the tank and its looking better already, still undecided on crewman, might remove him or change colours or o something else entirely.
    Mk5 - let's stick to it!
    Rob82 - thanks for following! I think you and drax are right, I'll keep it muted, perhaps a freehand decal on the side such as a number.
    Hertford- haha fear not no maverick here, not Ben top gun at all. Do you have any examples of what I could under the wings?
    Dai - crispy crewman eh? You have a point, not sure how easy that'll be to paint!