Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Psychic reinforcements

What with psychic powers being revamped in 6th Edition I decided it was finally time to add a psyker to my army! (Apologies for the dark photo!) He will be thrown into action this weekend along with the Macharius in defence of Magnus Hive...

This guy will be a primaris psyker for my guard and follows the same colour scheme as the rest of the army with the addition of a purple sash to differentiate his uniform. The staff is painted in a dark black and green marble which I will gloss varnish when I've had a chance to matt varnish him. It's the standard psyker model because I had a few kicking about, also I'm not sure I'm a fan of the Primaris model.

The question is do I keep him with the standard 2D6 S6 AP5 shots or try out the new powers... any body use Primaris Psykers? What are you thoughts for getting the most out of him?


  1. Regarding the psychic powers I guess it depends upon the options available to you. Which decks can your psyker access? Oh and I look forward to hunting him down on Saturday, An'ggraths Axe of Khorne is hungry!

  2. I like taking Psychic Shriek, the primaris power from Telepathy. 24" power, forces an enemy unit to take a leadership test on 3d6, and takes a number of wounds equal to how much they failed the leadership test by, no armor or cover saves allowed. Combine that with a psyker battle squad reducing someone's leadership, even if only by a small number, and you have a one-two punch combo that can out right stop an enemy advance.

    Apart from that, I like the powers in Biomancy because I like to get up close and personal with my IG, so they complement that aspect of my army.

    I use that same model for my Primaris Psyker/Astropath, by the way.

  3. I have used a Primaris twice in 6th edition so far. The First game I keep his regular powers and did well against a Blood angel army, but it was very low points. My second game was using him as ally to my Sisters of Battle army. I rolled on biomancy and received Enfeeble and Life leech. The enfeeble worked well on a plague marine squad when my Saint Celestine charged them but the 12 inch range on life leech meant I was unable to get in range to use it effectively. I plan to use him again as a Sisters of Battle ally.


  4. Thanks for the tips, I think I will stick with the 2D6 S6. I like the high strength aspect of the shots, might be invaluable for taking a few wounds of a high toughness monster!

  5. Well if An'ggrath rolls like he did tonight in the warm up game you will have nothing to fear :O(

  6. Really really nice paintjob there. I recently invested in some psykers, painting them in almost the same colours but with brown rather than white accoutrements - have to say seeing yours I'm almost regretting my choice now. Great stuff.