Friday, 22 June 2012

Macharius Vanquisher WIP

Hello everyone.

Its been a crazy busy couple of weeks so I've barely had a moment to pick up a brush. Finally, after a long week I sat down this evening and managed to get a bit done on the tank.

So far the base colour is done, the tracks are painted and fully weathered and I have base coated all the detail black. I have also done some scorch marks on the gun barrels (my first time trying that but I'm pretty pleased). There are also a few quick sketches of ideas for the side panels. As with all my tanks there will be a fair amount of free hand going on, what with this one being twice the size the possibilities are great indeed!

On the right of the tanks will be a red and white stripe to tie it in with my other tanks. The question here is - do I limit it to the front square panel or the entire side of the tank like my Leman Russ.

The left side will have a big picture spanning two panels involving IV, Praetoria, an aquila and a Lion of some description.

The turret will get something on the side of the cupola and possibly on left side of a gun barrel.

Here you go (sorry for the bad light in the photos!)

If you have any ideas on what I could paint please let me know!


  1. Looks good!
    I really like this tank, gotta get one or more at some point. Waiting for more updates on this one.

  2. From what I can see in these pics, it looks pretty bloody good mate! I think having the whole side in the white and red would be too much for a tank this size. Also think that freehand should stick to the front panel on the opposite side. Then again, I'm more about limited stuff like that on tanks, seeing as it's just going to get scratched, shot, shrapnel'd, etc anyhow. :)

    Keep the updates coming on this lovely and I hope more time come to you to work on it. :)