Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Finished Praetorian Life Guards

Greetings all! 

A quick post with a few photos of some newly painted models that have been long on the workbench! 

Finally, about 3 to 4 years after the first 5 were finished, I have finally painted the second half of the Life Guards squad! Huzzah! 

No longer will I be forced to field a unit of 5 storm troopers to no effect whatsoever. I can now field a full squad of 10 to no effect whatsoever! Double Huzzah!

Anyway, lets take a look...

Photos aren't great (apologies for that), but here we see the whole squad on my painting table (chest of drawers). I really enjoyed some aspects of painting these fellas and I'm really pleased that they match the originals with little variance.

The three in the foreground are newbies. Painting these guys assemble with the arms in place was a massive pain. I think I'm going to start doing a little more painting of disassembled models. I'm reminded of the Highland Scions who are in need of paint and the thought of trying to get in to the detail is not filling me with joy!

I love the expressions on these guys. Victoria Lamb Praetorian heads are utterly brilliant. Bags of character in every model.

One final picture with a close up of this kneeling fella. I'm so pleased to get these done.

I'm now working on an as yet unseen and announced sneaky unit... I'm having to work out how to paint green...

Finally, there is blog you should all definitely check out if you don't already do so, Tale of Painters. I've followed it for years and have a link in my page banners. It is full of tutorials and the work of some inspirational painters and well worth a look. I also might add there is a fine Praetorian gentleman that has recently began contributing...



  1. Grand work. They'll fit in with the rest of your army just fine.

    And green [Sharpe's Rifles] uniforms you say??? I'm calling Ratlings!

    1. You are totally wrong. Haha!
      It ain't the uniforms that are green...

  2. Wow, looks great dude. Keep up the amazing stuff.

    1. Thanks! I will try my best, I will hopefully have some new WIP models to show off soon!

  3. Hummm, how did I miss this ?

  4. Have you ever done a tutorial of how you painted your Praetorians? I am in the midst of several test models, but not liking the way they are turning out. The black primer I prefer is really creating havoc with GW's poor and shiny desert-ish base paints. I am going back to try a grey and a white to see how they turn out.