Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The road to Golgotha

Greetings again everyone!

It's time to follow up, albeit briefly on my last post which got the ball rolling for a big Imperial Guard v Orks game some time in the summer. In this post I am appealing to you all for suggestions and a little help in making this game happen. 

1. Orks
I was lucky enough to get some extremely positive responses from fellow Guard bloggers, but we still need to find a Waaaagh!s worth orks to pit our brave guardsmen against. If you are an ork player and fancy stompin sum umies then let me know, or if you know an ork player who might be interested then it would be great if you could put them in touch. 

2. Guard
Thanks for the great responses to the initial idea, I'm pretty confident we can amass an army of Guard the likes of which has not been seen since the Macharian crusade!

3. Location
I've been wondering where to hold this game and wanted to ask if anyone had any experience of venues other than warhammer world which had massive beautiful boards with great scenery upon which we could play this game. Ideally 6x12 I reckon. I had the newest warhammer world board with the defence lines and bunkers in mind as a possible but seeing as most people tend to be based further south, somewhere in the south of the country might be better. Either way, if you know a great venue (anywhere in the country) then let me know!

4. Scenery
I was thinking, given the time we potentially have to organise this, that it would be great if each player involved (if possible) got involved in making a thematic piece of scenery for the game. This is of course mission and table we ultimately play on dependent but it would sure help with the story telling and ensuring the board looked phenomenal. Additionally smoke markers, we probably need about a 100 of them for the countless soon to be wrecked tanks, if people involved could make some more that would be fantastic. 

5. The Scenario
No concrete ideas just yet but I have plenty lurking somewhere in my brain. Something simple yet brilliant, possibly with a few special characters thrown in and perhaps a side table where a space hulk small objective based game could be played which affects the big game. Could be a teleporter, gun battery, missile bunker, rok, cruiser, who knows! 

6. Quality
When I picture this game in my mind it looks amazing, and I definitely want to take loads of photos. Hundreds or orks charging across the battlefield, formations of tanks, towering stompers, officers barking orders... and then a gray plastic model tank. Everything needs to be painted, no exceptions.

Right that's it for now. Once again I am relying on you all! 


Oh yeah and the title to this post. Perhaps you were looking for a reference to Golgotha, nope, or a road, nope. I couldn't think of a name so I just made something up. Sorry! 


  1. Oh you know me, I have a ready made Orky opponent who is very willing to be dragged along.

    Will have a think about locations, but the terrain idea I think is a good one.

    I better get painting.

    1. I'm thinking the leviathan if it hasn't yet done so will be needing to make its debut at this battle!
      How many points of orks does your mate have?

  2. Hmm. I'm planning on taking a trip to Italy this summer, and it sounds like I'll be passing through Heathrow on the way over. Maybe extend the 3 hour layover to a 24 hour layover, and bring Da Deff Korps uv Krieg I'm working on along in a small bag... ;)

    Looking forward to seeing what you gents come up with, I'm sure it'll be a beautiful game!

    1. If you could come along that would be great! Your orks are looking great, you still keep churning out an obscene number of armies and models, I think you've managed a few since I last picked a brush up!

    2. M7; I live about an hour away from LHR. If I can, I'll pick you up, put you up and drop you off again. If it doesn't match with 'the road to Golgotha' at least you get a chance to laugh at the piles of unmade stuff in the garage.

  3. I'm guessing everyone is familiar with the story about the Cadian mission to Golgotha to rescue Commissar Yarrick's "Fortress of Arrogance" ?

    Well, I'm sure that the IG would have had to clear somewhere as a FOB in order to mount that mission. "The Road to Golgotha", indeed.

  4. I am WELL up for this, and even have provisional spousal permission. Crumbs!

    With regards to a venue, apart from Warhammer World (to which I've never actually been) I can think of none better than the huge Giant's Lair:

    http://admiraldrax.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/308-giants-lair-flgs-part-i.html ...which is also absurdly friendly AND has both Vimto and Irn Bru on tap. ON TAP.

    Sadly, the obvious and significant downside to this is that it's about as far south as you can go (and about 40 miles further south than you can now go by train anyway!Boom-boom!) as it's in Plymouth - literally about a quarter mile from the English Channel.

    Unless the weather's good and you want to camp in my garden I've got nowhere to put anyone up either, I'm afraid...

    ...but it IS a great venue...

  5. Depending on where this ends up being I could see me getting myself interested :)

    I have about 6k of guard.. but i also have about 1k of Orks.. and maybe another unpainted k.. so i could feasibly get myself onto either team given ample warning and painting time :)

    dates and location will be influential however.