Monday, 11 February 2013

Praetorian Picture Reel - Tales from the front 2

A brief post today, here are a few photo I snapped on other tables at the Gaois Secondus Campaign weekend.

 photo IMG_4299_zps62ae926d.jpg

A really beautiful troope of harlequins.

 photo IMG_4298.jpg

 photo IMG_4296-1_zps5e61fcbd.jpg

 photo IMG_4293-1_zpsf79acc97.jpg

An awesome Krieg army fending off a vile mechanical dragon.

 photo IMG_4292.jpg

 photo IMG_4291.jpg

Commissar Dave's brave lads fending off the Chaos assault.

 photo IMG_4288_zps87959ef2.jpg

This last one is from one of my games. He was surrounded by about 20 warriors until a deathstrike landed on their heads...


  1. Woot! First time I've read of a Deathstrike actually beign able to get off it's shot before being blown up! :)

    Great images!

  2. Great pics mate!! Always inspires me to keep plugging away at my army. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

    1. "plugging away"???? LOL, More like painting at warp speed!

  3. Fantastic shots! I really love your smoke blasts every time I see them, they really set the scene well.
    It seems weird seeing those Krieg at Warhammer World now they are back in OZ. I'm still holding out hold that I can travel with my army one day.