Saturday, 9 February 2013

Praetorian Picture Reel - Images from the front

Greetings everyone!

Unfortunately the past few weeks not only have I had very little time for hobbying but shortly after my last post my computer packed in... Now I have just about fixed it (still crippling slow and temperamental) but as there hasn't been any work to speak of on either the 4th or the new white scars this post will be the first of many Praetorian picture reels where I will show off pictures from previous battles and campaign weekends that I never got round to posting.

To kick us off here is some blue on blue with a Praetorian training exercise with Commissar Dave!

 photo IMG_4205_zps9e41a2cb.jpg

My army was a bare bones fit as much stuff in as you can list while Dave's was pretty tooled up and had a valkyrie full of vets and a thunderbolt waiting in the wings.

 photo IMG_4209_zps851bf5e7.jpg

The leman russ takes aim at the tightly packed guardsmen.

 photo IMG_4210_zps5806a2c0.jpg

The redcoats take defensive positions and hunker down.

 photo IMG_4211.jpg

The dash to the other side leaves one squad staring down the barrel of a chimera.

 photo IMG_4213_zps723fbcdf.jpg

The hydra tracks the incoming thunderbolt.

 photo IMG_4215-1_zps825d9e75.jpg

And is promptly destroyed in short order... really what is the point if it doesn't have interceptor.

 photo IMG_4217.jpg


 photo IMG_4218_zpsf461b753.jpg

The 4th Mechanised take the fight to their brothers and advance on the objectives.

 photo IMG_4222_zpsdac83e37.jpg

Volley fire is exchanged over the dry river bed.

 photo IMG_4226_zps623a85a0.jpg

No amount of aegis line will save the Dave's general from the withering las fire.

 photo IMG_4229_zps6fd191af.jpg

Colonel Winterborne declined to take part in the training exercise, Major Corbin led the troops and up on the elimination of his command section, with only himself and the Colonels trusty Rhodian Ridgeback remaining held one of the objectives.

 photo IMG_4230_zps72068195.jpg

The thunderbolt was proving a nightmare for the 4th mechanised as it continually straffed their lines.

 photo IMG_4232_zpsa1972f08.jpg

Another objective is secured and with it victory to the valiant men of the Praetorian 4th Mechanised.

Stay tuned for some up close and personal pictures of the xenos filth and the heroics of a combined Praetorian arms exercise on Gaois Secondus!


  1. Awesome!! I look forward to more. If I can find someone at my FLGS that will let me pause the action to take pictures, I would like to do the same thing. Man I need to get to England to play with you all.

  2. Hats off to Major Corbin! The great thing about a Praetorian v Praetorian game is that you know it will end with a Praetorian victory!
    But in all seriousness thanks for the pictures. How may points was it?

  3. Beautiful pics per usual. You and the Commissar certainly put on a lovely spread.