Sunday, 12 October 2014

Praetorian Taurox painting update

Hey everyone

Enough necromantic activities for the moment, it's time to get back to the glorious IV mechanised infantry!

I've been getting busy with a pair of Taurox and am now tantalizingly close to finishing them. Last bits that need doing are the black and the red lenses and gems. After that there will be limited free hand (notably writing Praetorian IV somewhere, not sure what else, ideas very welcome!!) and then weathering with paint chips, socrch marks and finally with a sponge.

Have a look at the photos and let me know what you think.

 photo image2_zps6df344ae.jpg

Above here is the Prime.The red and white livery is in keeping with all the support elements in the army and it is intended that this transport will be for the new highland scions.

 photo image3_zps06b3e771.jpg

The regular Taurox is red and green and will be the transport for the light infantry of the 1st infantry platoon.

 photo image4_zps4af75bc6.jpg

I've used the Scions plates for both Taurox (the side lion) and also on the Prime I have used the front plate with the Scions part filed away. I might write something there but I'm not sure.

 photo image5_zpsc11516e8.jpg

A better photo of the side plate. My tanks have lots of lions on them so it made sense to use the special scions plates.

That's your lot for the moment, thanks for taking them time to have a look. Hopefully the next post will be titled "finished Praetorian Taurox...."



  1. I always thought the Taurox looked a little goofy. However, yours made me change my mind. I'm so glad you're posting again! I love it!

  2. That really looks great! Awesome work, man!

  3. Nice work man, really nice. This was exactly how I imagined yours would look. They are going to look fantastic with the rest of your force. Well done.

  4. Gorgeous.

    Only you can make these horrendous models look good, I swear. :)

    1. Haha! This tank has such a bad press. The taurox is fantastic looking in my book, really well detailed.

  5. Wow...Really really nice job with the shading and highlighting. Even with a mostly monotone color, you've created a lot of depth. Very nice! Never seen someone make tan so vibrant...

    1. Cheers Greg, the tan is a piece of cake too, a scheme honed over a hell of a lot of tanks!