Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The ork take over continues!

Apologies for not having posted in quite some time. This will hopefully change very soon, and with a little bit of luck some new models to show off!

In the mean time the orks have once again invaded and my friend has very kindly agreed to guest post again and show of some more of his stunning ork army. Enjoy!


I’ve once again hi-jacked Col. Winterborne’s blog to parade some Orks about. Any good Waaagh needs a good number of boyz behind it and so this post focuses on a couple of 20 strong mobs of basic Orks.

The first unit is a mob of Shoota boyz. These guys mostly make it into my army for the single job of sitting on an objective in my half of the board. Their large number makes them very hard to shift, and they can chuck out enough firepower in their shooting phase or during overwatch to discourage most assaulting enemies. And if the enemy does make it into assault with the mob, then the orks can still throw a horrific number of attacks their way.

 photo DSCF6406_zps8fcc7918.jpg

 photo DSCF6409_zps22ca1a15.jpg

 photo DSCF6410_zps24349886.jpg

The second unit is full of Slugga boyz. These guys are all about close combat and if they get to the enemy without losing many of their number then they can do it very well. They generally go around in a wagon for protection and to get them in to the fight quicker. Unfortunately, 6th Ed. Has made this unit weaker as they no longer get an initiative bonus when they charge, and they can also seriously suffer to overwatch fire.

 photo DSCF6415_zpsf051bdfd.jpg

 photo DSCF6417_zps5b3fddf7.jpg

 photo DSCF6418_zps43effd74.jpg

I tried a few different colour combinations when first painting the boyz, but I quickly realised that black fatigues with brown leather straps gave a nice contrast to the bright yellow armour of the Bad Moonz, and so I have now painted all of my boyz in this way. The armour on the standard Shoota boyz was painted with one of my earlier attempts at a technique for painting yellow. These still look pretty good, but I think my later attempts (the Slugga boys, Big Shootas and Nobs) have come off even better.

 photo DSCF6411_zps2361b1d7.jpg

 photo DSCF6412_zpse7d22fe1.jpg

Big Shootas are a “must have” for Ork mobz in my opinion. With their high strength, high fire rate and long range they beat Rokkit Launchas as an upgrade every time. In fact, at 5pts per gun on Ork Vehicles aswell, I encourage everyone to have as many as they have the models for. I never felt that the standard Big Shootas that came in Ork mobs were big enough to stand out effectively in the unit, so I decided to use Loota models as Big Shootas instead. I’ve never really liked Lootas as they are quite static so this seemed a good use of the kit, but now that they can move and snap fire in 6th Ed. (even at flyers) I may have to reconsider the use of Lootas. When I ran out of these models and realised I still wanted more Big Shootas in my units I decided to do some converting instead to make their guns properly Big.

 photo DSCF6419_zpsb8a4bc10.jpg

 photo DSCF6420_zpsbd3d4932.jpg

 photo DSCF6421_zps697574c8.jpg

And finally to lead the mobs you need a couple of Nobz. These two guys are actually to be part of a larger Cybork Nob Squad, but they worked effectively as Power Klaw wielding Mob Leaders in the Throne of Skulls tournament this January. I put all of my Nobs on 40mm bases to make them stand out more, and to be honest, the minis are so big these days they’d dwarf a standard base anyway. I always advise giving Ork Nobs a bosspole, as morale checks can be a bane for depleted or small Ork units and with challenges being so prevalent in the current game giving the Nob Leaders ‘Eavy Armour isn’t a bad option either. Big Choppas or Power Klaws is always a difficult decision. Big Choppas lack of AP is a pain against Power Armoured foes, but it’ll get you another 3 boyz and all of their attacks which can be useful.

 photo DSCF6413_zps706ef035.jpg

 photo DSCF6414_zps56b707b9.jpg

 photo DSCF6422_zpsdce0c9c9.jpg

 photo DSCF6423_zps25cffca3.jpg

That’s it for this post. Again any comments and/or feedback is most welcome. Another post is in preparation to showcase my Battlewagons.


  1. Your skin and yellows look so good, the blacks seem unloved in comparison.

    Other than that though, these certainly look like they'd stand out from the regular orkoid mobs.

  2. Looking awesome, man! Gotta love the Bad Moons - keep up the great work!