Sunday, 7 October 2012

Curious Constructs - Heavy Cavalry and Life Guard heads review

Today as promised back to painting models and less talking about them!

I recently acquired one of Curious Constructs Heavy Cavalry miniatures and a few of the Life Guard heads, here's a few photos and my thoughts on them.

Let's start by having a look at the bare metal sculpts

Firstly the Life Guard heads. The quality on these is really great, in particular the eyes on the face (which make painting a whole lot easier) and the small eagle motif front and centre on the band round the helmet. The helmets have a plume which extends from an eagle head perched on the top.

Here we have one of the heads on the heavy cavalry kit. Starting to look the business I'm sure you will agree! Once again the quality is very apparent and the whole kit fits together very well. In the past I've had problems with necks and collars but here it was clear Gravis had ensured it wouldn't be a problem with these ones.

The model fits nicely on an Empire outrider horse.

 Here is the very same man with a lick of paint! (apologies he doesn't have a horse)

As with all Curious construct miniatures I've seen so far the model lends itself to painting very well. On the uniform the creases and relief are just right which make highlighting easy. The face is very well sculpted, and in particular as mentioned before the eyes are very good (some of the easiest I've painted in a while).

What a great looking miniature! It took me a while to work out what colours to paint him as I wanted to make him stand out from the other cavalry and infantry in my army. As such he has a predominantly blue scheme to mark him out as elite. Any armour worn by my army is a beaten copper colour and I have continued that here with some gold on the helmet and fixings.

Only critique of the miniature would have to be the plume on the helmet, I feel it is a little heavy and could do  with a little more motion. That is just nit picking though really! A really great miniature from Curious Constructs! Expect to see a large unit of these in my army in the future, now just to find some horses for them all...

Be sure to check out the Curious Constructs shop and also Col Gravis' blog where you can find out about the latest releases.


  1. The head seems a little on the large side from these pics? That aside, the detail is crisp and yes, paints up very well. They'll be a fine addition to your Guard.

  2. Can't wait to see a unit of these painted up!

  3. I know the colourcheme of your army...i like it ;-)

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  5. Great work! Colours are really nice!